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Frequently Asked Questions About CEREC Crowns in Easton, PA

Need a damaged or decayed tooth repaired and restored? CEREC crowns offer a convenient, effective solution. If you’re in Easton, PA considering this high-tech dental crown, read on for answers to common questions about the CEREC process.

What is a CEREC crown?

CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. This technology uses advanced 3D imaging to design and create a custom dental crown in one visit. The crown is milled from a ceramic block to precisely fit your prepared tooth.

What’s the CEREC process?

Your Easton dentist will numb the damaged tooth area and use a special camera to take 3D pictures of your tooth’s shape. These images are used by the CEREC software to design the crown. You’ll be able to preview the crown design and color before milling. Milling takes around 10-15 minutes.

Does it require multiple visits?

Conveniently, CEREC crowns are completed in just one dental visit. After your tooth is prepared, the digital imaging and design process takes place, followed by milling and bonding the crown onto your tooth. No temporaries or second visits are needed.

How long does it take to complete?

The CEREC visit takes about an hour to an hour and a half from start to finish. You benefit from having your tooth restored in one efficient appointment versus two or more with traditional crowns. Most patients can comfortably undergo the full process in one sitting.  

Is the crown made of metal?

CEREC crowns are metal-free. They are milled from ceramic blocks that closely match the natural color of your teeth. Materials like zirconia and lithium disilicate are strong, durable, and very aesthetic looking. The crown will blend right in.

How strong and durable is it?

CEREC ceramic crowns are extremely durable and designed for long-lasting use just like conventional crowns. With proper oral care, a CEREC crown can function for a decade or longer before replacement is needed. The materials resist chipping, fractures, and wear.

Will I feel temporary crowns?  

A great perk of CEREC crowns is not needing temporary crowns between visits. You walk out of the office with a natural-looking, custom ceramic crown bonded in place. There are no multiples visits or temporaries.

Does CEREC work for root canals?

Yes, CEREC is ideal for crowning root canal-treated teeth. The custom fit seals and protects a root filled tooth. With the convenience of a single-visit, in-office process, a CEREC crown can restore and strengthen a compromised tooth efficiently.

Are CEREC crowns comfortable?

CEREC crowns are very comfortable. Your Easton dentist takes 3D optical impressions for precision fit. The computer maps out occlusal contacts so your bite feels natural. The smooth ceramic feels gentle on opposing teeth.

Do they look natural?

Using computer imaging, CEREC crowns are digitally designed to match the shape, size, and color of surrounding teeth. Ceramic material mimics the look of natural tooth enamel. You can preview the crown for approval before milling so the end result looks spectacularly lifelike.

Where can I get a CEREC Crown in Easton, PA?

If you are looking for CEREC Crown in Easton, PA, look no further than Dr. Kamal Haddad at Haddad Dental offers advanced Cerec crown solutions. With cerec technology and extensive training, Dr. Haddad can restore your damaged or decayed tooth with a custom crown in just one appointment. 

CEREC crowns offer convenience, durability, and aesthetic appeal. See Dr. Haddad in Easton, PA to learn more and get your damaged tooth restored with precision and efficiency.