GD Supplies Launches Resale Marketplace for Fog Hashing Immersion Cooling Kit in Canada

In Canada, GD Supplies, a global distributor of crypto miners, launches the new Fog Hashing immersion cooling kit. The company is one of the...
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GD Supplies Launches Resale Marketplace for Jasminer Mining Hardware

(29-Sept-2023) GD Supplies launches resale marketplace for Jasminer Mining Hardware in Canada and USA. This decision is taken by the company to offer the best quality hardware to the customers at their doorsteps.

This announcement was made in one of the latest events of the company. At the launch event, the CEO of the company said, “I am proud to announce that our company GD Supplies has launched the resale marketplace for Jasminer mining machine. This step is taken by our company to provide the top-grade Jasminer crypto Hardware to every customer. Our marketplace offers Jasminer hardware from the world’s best brands.

We provide all the latest models of Jasminer mining tools such as Jasminer Mining machine, Jasminer X4-Q 1040M ETC ETHW Miner, JASMINER X4-Q 5GB Eth, and Jasminer X16-Q Ethereum miner under one roof. Every product we sell is tested by the experts and contains unique features. We have a wide range of products that suit the needs and budget of every customer.”

The CEO further adds, “Our products give the maximum profitability and high hash rate during the mining process. They include a long-term warranty and work at any place with a temperature of up to 40 degrees Celsius.

It is very simple to order products on our resale marketplace by filling out an online form. We also offer many options of payment to our customers for their convenience. They are easy to use and maintain at home or workplace. We do shipments anywhere in the country and outside.

Our company offers various other benefits to the customers such as speedy returns, easy replacement policies, long-term warranty, and discounts on early booking and so on.

About GD Supplies

GD Supplies is a top-notch company offering the best crypto mining hardware from the world’s best brands. We are well-known dealer of Jasminer Mining Hardware and other miners. It provides superior-grade products with amazing features to every customer. The company has a team of experienced technicians to test every product before offering it to the customers.

The company offers its products in national as well as international markets. It provides products from the world’s best brands at affordable rates. Many customers choose GD supplies because of timely service, low rates, best products, and easy return policies. It is one of the trusted companies offering top-quality miners to every customer as per their requirements and budget.