Get Your Book Noticed: A Simple Guide to Amazon Book Marketing Services

Have you written a book and want more people to find out about it and read it? Getting your book seen can be tricky,...
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Get Your Book Noticed: A Simple Guide to Amazon Book Marketing Services

Have you written a book and want more people to find out about it and read it? Getting your book seen can be tricky, but there are some best book marketing services out there to make the job easier. This guide will explain what they are and how to hire them.


What Are Amazon Book Marketing Services?


Amazon offers useful tools that authors can use to promote their books on Amazon itself. These book marketing services help you increase visibility so more potential readers see your book when browsing or searching.


Some Main Features Of Amazon Book Marketing Include:


Kindle Direct Publishing: Publish your book directly through Amazon to reach their huge customer base. Easy self-publishing platform.


Amazon Author Central: Create a central page to highlight all your books and promote yourself as an author. 


Categories and Keywords: Choose the most fitting book categories and keywords so your book appears in relevant searches.


Book Description: Optimize your book description to entice readers and improve visibility. Include keywords.


Cover Design: Have an eye-catching cover that looks good, small and helps draw readers to your description.  


Benefits of Using Amazon Book Marketing Tools


Publishing your book directly on Amazon through Kindle Direct Publishing allows amazing access to Amazon’s vast online market. But you can further maximize your book’s visibility by hiring the best book marketing service.


Benefits Of Optimizing Amazon Book Listings Include:


– Increased visibility for searches

– More relevant people can find and browse your book

– Higher chance that readers will take the time to check out your description and reviews

– Adds an air of professionalism and discoverability to inspire sales


Simply optimizing these Amazon book promotion avenues helps boost the chances of achieving more sales.


Strategies Steps Used By Amazon Book Marketing Services


Ready to get started with Amazon book marketing services? Here is a simple step-by-step overview:


Publish through Kindle Direct Publishing


First, you need to publish your book on Amazon using Kindle Direct Publishing. You can publish eBooks and print books easily. Key steps:


  1. Sign up for a Kindle Direct Publishing account
  2. Use their templates and guidelines to prepare your book file 
  3. Upload your manuscript and book details
  4. Choose keywords, 2 main categories, and 7 subcategories 
  5. Optimize book description, contents, and cover design
  6. Preview book then hit “publish” once ready!


Make an Amazon Author Central Page


Author Central creates an author profile to promote yourself and all your books in one place.  


  1. Head to Amazon Author Central and click “Join Now For Free”
  2. Link your Author Central account with your Kindle Direct Publishing account
  3. Add details like bio, photo, social media links
  4. Make sure all books are properly attributed to you


Encourage Reviews


Getting more positive reviews helps convince potential readers. Ask genuine fans of your book to leave an honest Amazon review sharing what they enjoyed. More reviews lead to better visibility in Amazon’s algorithms.


Choose Impactful Keywords


Research keywords readers are searching for on Amazon to help your book appear in those searches. Include chosen keywords naturally in your book’s: 


– Title and subtitle  

– Book description

– Category and keyword selections during publishing setup


Optimize Book Description 


Your Amazon book description acts like the back cover sales pitch. Make it exciting! Share just enough about the story to intrigue readers. But also work on keywords and important info.


Enhance Book Visibility with Ads


Consider paying for Amazon promoted ads to get extra visibility. Amazon offers different paid ad types to further make your book discoverable. Start small with a tiny daily budget like $1 per day.  


Track Performance


Log into your Kindle Direct Publishing account dashboard regularly to check on your book’s Amazon visibility and sales data. Pay attention to which marketing efforts help boost performance.




Amazon book marketing services allow authors to access useful promotion options that make books more discoverable. Their built-in book marketing tools create extra visibility to drive potential sales. Optimizing your book listings helps readers find your book when browsing on Amazon. So take advantage of these free opportunities to showcase your book!