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Passing a swarm of lenses, Vivienne pivots every interviewer's question to her accessory: "I've got some brilliant jewelry here," she says to CNN, pointing...
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Golden Goose Mujer Zapatillas surefire win for summer

In fact, the modern way to wear leggings is to barely notice them at all: They should fade into the background of the rest of your outfit. “I could hardly believe it when I saw my bags appearing on The Undoing-I had no idea! It was a bit of a game changer for us as a brand. McCartney was creating sustainable fashion before it was a thing, living as a vegan dedicated to making high fashion without harming animals or the planet. Look closer and you’ll find the strapped silhouette is actually quite versatile. White smooth calfskin leather lace-up sneaker featuring a transparent oversized sole and iridescent transparent fabrication layered over the white calfskin leather heel counter. For those who don’t follow conventions, go for something unique. Inspired by the world of tailoring, echoed by the stitched pleat on the front, these jogging pants in black pure cotton feature a wide leg. Another year-round trend that’s a Golden Goose Mujer Zapatillas surefire win for summer? Mary Jane shoes. So it makes perfect sense that Anne Hathaway, the actress who portrayed the famed character in the Princess Diaries, is the star of Versace Icons, the new campaign and capsule from the Italian brand. The sneaker features an oversized runner sole, large flat laces, a padded heel counter and tongue with an signature. We’re so preoccupied with other people’s bodies and by proxy our own that we, Grande included, can’t see the bigger picture. I love exploring London and Paris. Uniquely elegant versatility: the Mid Star sneakers take a refined approach to their Eighties skate scene inspiration. Cozy Space shoes feature the extra-cushion sole and insole padded with memory foam, guaranteeing unparalleled comfort starting from the very first step. The great Mary Quant, who died yesterday at the age of 93, wrote these inspirational words in her autobiography Quant by Quant: “The Look isn’t just the garments you wear. This men’s polo shirt in anthracite-gray merino wool features long sleeves and four central buttons. The Sun Drops have SPF 50 and a consistency somewhere in-between a serum and a light cream.