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Guide on Airlines That Offer Bereavement Fares: +1–888–906–0667

Dealing with the loss of a loved one is undeniably one of life’s most challenging episodes. During such times, travel becomes a necessity rather than an option for those looking to be with family, attend funerals, or manage urgent affairs. Recognizing this, certain airlines that offer bereavement fares—special airline fare discounts that provide some financial and logistical relief for grieving families. In this post, we explore what these fares are, their significance, and how they impact both consumers and airline pricing strategies.

What Are Bereavement Fares?


Bereavement fares, also known as compassion fares, are discounted or more flexible ticket options provided by airlines to passengers who must travel last minute due to the death or imminent death of a family member. These fares not only typically come with a reduced cost but also with relaxed rules regarding changes and cancellations, acknowledging the fluctuating nature of emergency travel.

Benefits for Bereaved Travelers

The immediate benefit for travelers in such distressing times is financial. Flights booked at the last minute tend to be expensive, and these discounted fares can help ease an unexpected financial burden. Moreover, bereavement fares offer flexibility, allowing bereaved travelers to change their travel plans without incurring the standard additional fees, which can be a significant relief amidst uncertainty.

Importance for Grieving Families

For families coordinating travel for several relatives, or those traveling back and forth to settle affairs, bereavement fares represent an understanding of their situation by airlines. Such policies not only facilitate smoother travel arrangements but also reflect an emotional support system that can bolster the airline’s reputation for customer care.

Airline Pricing Strategies

Offering bereavement fares can be a delicate aspect of an airline’s pricing strategy. While it may not be a profitable move in the strictest sense, it positions these airlines as compassionate and customer-centric organizations. This human approach can enhance brand loyalty and favorably impact the airline’s public image, offsetting any potential revenue loss through increased customer retention and positive brand associations.

Examples of Airlines Offering Bereavement Fares

While not all airlines provide bereavement fares, some are known for their compassionate fare policies. Traditionally, carriers like Delta and Air Canada have offered special fares in the event of a family death, though terms, availability, and the process to obtain these fares can vary significantly. It is always recommended to contact the airline directly to discuss specific circumstances and find out about the current policies.


The provision of bereavement fares is a testament to the airline industry’s ability to provide practical support during life’s most trying moments. While these discounts are not universal among carriers, they represent an important way for airlines to give back to the community and demonstrate genuine care for their customers. As consumers, it is prudent to weigh these policies when choosing a preferred airline, as the value they offer extends far beyond the price of a ticket.

In conclusion, as bereaved travelers and grieving families face the challenges that accompany the loss of a family member, fair pricing and flexible travel options from airlines can make a significant difference. It is a beacon of hope that airlines will continue to empathize with their travelers’ needs and maintain bereavement fares as part of their regular offerings. As we acknowledge the airlines that offer bereavement fares, we encourage more carriers to consider these policies as part of their commitment to customer service.

Source of Information: Flyocare.com