The Benefits Of Scalp Braids: Low Maintenance, High Style

Scalp braids have been a cornerstone in hairstyling for centuries, celebrated for their complicated beauty and practical advantages. As a mix of cultural heritage...
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Hair Braids Inspiration: Celebrity Styles You Can Copy

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When it comes to hair braiding, superstar patterns are a wealthy source of proposal. Celebrities are frequently at the leading edge of favor trends, and their hairstylists are among the most satisfactory in the world. From purple carpets to casual outings, stars exhibit a variety of braided hairstyles that might be both elegant and revolutionary. Below, we delve into some of the maximum iconic superstar braid styles and offer recommendations on how you can recreate those looks.

Classic French Braids: Timeless Elegance

French braids are a classic and flexible hairstyle that many celebrities have embraced. This braid begins at the crown of the pinnacle and incorporates sections of hair as it moves down. Celebrities like Blake Lively and Kendall Jenner have regularly been visible sporting this undying look.

How To Achieve The Look?

  • Prepare Your Hair: Brush your hair to eliminate any tangles. If your hair is excellent, follow a texturizing spray for an introduced grip.
  • Section Your Hair: Take a segment of hair at the crown and cut it up into three equal components.
  • Incorporate More Hair: As you hold, upload small sections of hair to each strand earlier than crossing it over the center.
  • Secure The Braid: Once you attain the nape of your neck, continue with an ordinary braid and stable the cease with an elastic.

Box Braids: Bold And Beautiful

Box braids are a staple in protecting hairstyles and were popularized by celebrities like Zendaya and Beyoncé. These braids are created by using sectioning the hair into small squares, after which braiding each phase from the basis to the end.

How To Achieve The Look?

  • Prep Your Hair: Wash and circumstance your hair very well. Apply a depart-in conditioner to keep your hair moisturized.
  • Section Your Hair: Part your hair into small rectangular sections using a rat-tail comb.

Begin Braiding:

  • Take one segment.
  • Split it into three elements.
  • Braid tightly from the foundation to the give up.

Fishtail Braids: Intricate And Eye-Catching

Fishtail braids are recognized for their problematic and problematic look. Celebrities along with Nina Dobrev and Rihanna have flaunted fishtail braids, making them the latest desire for various occasions.

How To Achieve The Look?

  • Brush And Section: Brush your hair to put off tangles and divide it into two sections.
  • Cross Small Sections: Take a small piece of hair from the outer fringe of the proper segment and cross it over to the left segment. Repeat on the opposite side.
  • Continue The Braid: Keep taking small sections from every side and crossing them over until you reach the quit of your hair.
  • Secure The End: Use a hair tie to steady the braid and gently tug on the sections to add quantity.

Crown Braids: Regal And Sophisticated

Crown braids deliver a regal and complicated appearance and have been favored by means of celebrities like Lupita Nyong’o and Jennifer Lawrence. This fashion includes braiding the hair around the pinnacle to create a crown-like impact.

How To Achieve The Look?

  • Part Your Hair: Create a deep aspect element and divide your hair into two sections.
  • Start Braiding: Begin with a Dutch braid (opposite French braid) at the nape of your neck on one facet.
  • Braid Around the Head: Continue braiding around the pinnacle, incorporating hair as you cross until you reach the place to begin.
  • Tuck And Secure: Tuck the top of the braid below the beginning braid and secure it with bobby pins.

Waterfall Braids: Romantic And Flowing

Waterfall braids are romantic and flowing, frequently seen on celebrities like Taylor Swift and Dianna Agron. This braid permits sections of hair to cascade down, creating a lovely waterfall effect.

How To Achieve The Look?

  • Section Your Hair: Take a small phase of hair at the front and divide it into 3 components.
  • Start The Braid: Begin with a French braid, but as opposed to pulling the strand over, permit it to drop to create the waterfall effect.
  • Incorporate New Hair: Continue braiding, incorporating new hair into the braid while letting sections drop.

Cornrow Braids: Sleek And Stylish

Cornrows are a graceful and fashionable protective hairstyle that has been worn by way of celebrities like Alicia Keys and Jada Pinkett Smith.

How To Achieve The Look?

  • Prep Your Hair: Detangle and moisturize your hair.
  • Part Your Hair: Use a rat-tail comb to part your hair into rows.
  • Start Braiding: Begin on the front of the component, taking 3 small sections of hair, and braid tightly, including hair as you pass.
  • Continue Braiding: Follow the parting line till you reach the end, then stable with an elastic band.

Boho Braids: Free-Spirited And Chic

Boho braids exude an unfastened-lively and elegant vibe, popular amongst celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens and Blake Lively. These braids are often unfastened, with smooth, romantic tendrils framing the face.

How To Achieve The Look?

  • Add Texture: Apply a texturizing spray to offer your hair grip and quantity.
  • Create a Loose Braid: Take a segment of hair and loosely braid it, permitting a few strands to fall out evidently.
  • Incorporate Accessories: Add beads, ribbons, or vegetation to beautify the boho appearance.
  • Finish with Hairspray: Use a mild-hold hairspray to hold the braid in place without making it stiff.


Drawing inspiration from celebrity hair braids can elevate your style effortlessly. Whether you choose the sleek elegance of Zendaya’s box braids or the playful charm of Rihanna’s cornrows, these versatile and trendy looks can be tailored to suit any occasion, helping you achieve a chic and polished appearance.