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Hair Tendencies Through the Ages: A Elegant Record

donor area (back & sides of the scalp), the donor strip is then separated into the individual follicular units using precise stereo-microscopic dissection techniques. After dissection of the follicular units, the further step is followed by making the hairline design on the scalp to place the grafts. The incision portion of the scalp is closed by the advanced Trichophytic closure that avoids the chances of scars and makes the procedure devoid of scars The main advantage of FUT hair transplant is that it is.

suitable for covering the higher grade of Norwood class baldness as the technique provides the greatest number of follicular units via the strip. As the follicular units in the FUT hair transplant harvested from the safe donor portion are permanent in nature since these roots are resistant to the effects of DHT. It is only possible to implant the higher number of the follicular units via the FUT hair transplant and no other alternatives are being practiced in the field of hair transplantation if there is need  Shampoo For 4C Hair .

It is important to note in the FUT procedure to make the incision scarless after harvesting the strip from the donor portion. The technique which makes the scar almost invisible is the advanced Trichophytic closure. It is a different closing technique which is far better than the general technique as the closing done in this process with a zig-zag fashion along with trimming and closing the edge of the incision area in such a manner that they overlap with each other and present the invisible scar after the closing.

In Trichophytic closure, the hair grows naturally and the sutures get absorbed after the one or two weeks and there is no need to remove it out. The hair growing through the scar can provide a strip devoid of by FUT procedure and it’s very hard for anyone, even a doctor, to notice the scar after the procedure is complete. In Trichophytic closure,doctor trims one of the most incisive edges and allow them to overlap each other so that the hair grows directly through the donor scar The goal of the hair transplant.