How can you tell if you have a doll face cat?

“Doll Face” is not a specific cat breed but rather a term used to describe a certain facial appearance in some cats, particularly in Persian cats. The term “Himalayan Doll Face Cat” is used to distinguish a more traditional facial structure in Persian cats compared to the more extreme flat-faced appearance found in some modern Persian lines.

To determine if you have a doll-faced cat, look for the following characteristics:

Natural Nose: Doll-faced Persians have a regular-length nose that is more in line with the natural anatomy of a cat. The nose will not be extremely flat or pushed back.

Round and Large Eyes: Doll-faced Persians typically have large, round eyes that are well-spaced and set forward in their face.

Full Cheeks: The cheeks of doll-faced Persians are full and rounded, giving them a sweet and endearing expression.

Regular Jaw Structure: Unlike flat-faced Persians, doll-faced Persians have a more normal jaw structure, and their chin is not excessively recessed.

Overall Facial Balance: Doll-faced Persians have a balanced and proportionate facial appearance, with all features in harmony.

It’s important to note that the term “Doll Face” is more of a descriptive term used by breeders and enthusiasts rather than a formal recognition or distinction by cat associations like TICA or CFA. However, many people prefer the doll-faced appearance due to the potential health issues associated with the extreme flat-faced (brachycephalic) features found in some modern Persian lines.

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