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How do I Export Gmail Emails to MSG Format?

The methods for exporting Gmail emails to MSG files are defined in this format. Here, distinct answers are offered. One requires Outlook installed on your computer, while the other is an expertly designed computerized answer. You’ll be able to pick the best way to export Gmail to MSG format as soon as you’ve studied this technical blog post. Let’s first discuss why export Gmail emails to MSG format is necessary before moving forward.

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Reasons to Export Gmail Emails to MSG Format

  • When email information is in MSG file format, clients can also import e-mail from Gmail to Outlook effectively.
  • Users can also improve storage control by backing up their Gmail information domestically and exporting it to MSG.
  • If the user wishes to move from Gmail to Outlook, the information from Gmail can be transferred without difficulty in MSG format.
  • By storing the Gmail data backup as MSG files regionally, users might also retrieve it without issue, even in the event of bad network connectivity.

Manual Method to Export Gmail Emails to MSG Format

  • Launch Microsoft Outlook, then choose the “File” tab.
  • Select the Import/Export Option by clicking on the Open/Export menu.
  • Enter the Gmail account files and set them up in Microsoft Outlook.
  • Once the setup is completed, all the emails will appear in your Outlook.
  • Drag and drop the email you want to export as MSG onto your desktop after deciding on it.
  • You can now see a file with the extension MSG on your computer.

Limitations of the Manual Method

  • It takes too long to configure.
  • I was unable to address numerous emails without delay.
  • It is not possible to export an entire mailbox to MSG right now.
  • Gmail e-mail conversion to MSG format requires the use of a specialized tool.

Automated Method to Export Gmail Emails to MSG Format

We observe both manual and automated strategies for changing Gmail to MSG. I advise that you use the TrustVare Gmail emails to MSG format converter. This approach cannot regulate the information. Files can be imported in bulk. The software has given a preview of the uploaded file.

The steps are given below.

  • Install and launch the software, IMAP Backup Software.
  • Now enter the login files for your cloud account.
  • After that, pick the files to back up and the file type to store the backup in.
  • Use the Browse option to choose the route where you wish to look for the backup format. Then hit the Backup Now button.

Final Thoughts 

We learned a way to export Gmail emails to MSG files in this submission. Furthermore, we discussed approximately other procedures that we might also use. Users are at ease picking out the technique whose quality fits their wishes and usage. However, in case you need an extra opinion, we recommend the use of a professional device, which could help you now not only with this problem but also with different problems related to Gmail backups.