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How do I increase my CPS speed?

As a gamer, chances are that you have met other players who can click faster than you. Players that can click very fast know how to pull off amazing combos. However, players with such skills had to work before reaching that height. The key to clicking faster is practicing. 

To increase your click speed, you need to practice various techniques. There are several ways to increase your CPS and become a better gamer. Read and learn the best CPS techniques.

Jitter clicking

Jitter clicking is one of the techniques to increase your speed. The jitter-clicking technique involves shaking the muscles in the arm and wrist. The idea is to create vibration in your hand. Also, jitter clicking mainly involves clicking the mouse rapidly to produce a regulated hand vibration. To practice jitter-clicking, you need to use a responsive mouse. Not every mouse can handle jitter-clicking.

Butterfly clicking

Compared to jitter-clicking, the butterfly technique is easier. You don’t need a special mouse to practice the butterfly clicking. The focus of butterfly clicking is to increase your clicks per second. Also, butterfly clicking involves placing your index finger and middle finger on the tip of the mouse button. You need to alternate in tapping both buttons on the mouth back and forth. 

Drag clicking

Drag clicking has to do with dragging your finger across the mouse button. You can either drag the finger to the left or right. In fact, drag clicking helps you have a firm hold of the mouse and improves your click per second. Furthermore, drag-clicking is the fastest way to master clicking faster, but it appears to be the hardest. However, start to drag clicking gradually, and you will gain speed as you practice.

Regular clicking

Regular clicking is the most popular way of practicing how to improve click per speed. Many people use this clicking method on a daily basis. However, to get more precision, you can improve on this clicking method. Mastering the regular clicking method that helps you reach up to 8 CPS. The downside is that you may not improve your clicking faster compared to other methods. Therefore, for intense clicking, opt for other methods here. The regular clicking method is good if you don’t want to be a professional gamer. 

Why click speed test is important?

When you have exhausted your time practicing these methods, then it is time to undergo a click speed test. More so, the click test helps you check your performance metrics and enhances your gaming skills. Also, the click test helps you to evaluate your hand-eye coordination. The hand-eye coordination helps you, especially if you want to become a professional gamer.


Clicking speed is an important skill that every gamer should have to beat their opponents. After you have mastered all the techniques outlined here, ensure you use a reliable click speed tool to evaluate your CPS. Finally, opt for a Click Tester – Precision Tool that provides tips to improve.