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How Generative AI Can Be Helpful In Various Industries

Do you know that according to reports, more than 100 million people will rely on generative AI for their work by the year2026? This just shows how it is not just a floating trend but is surely here to stay. With popular apps like VideoGPT, there is no denying that generative AI is the future for the whole world. There are several ways in which generative AI can be helpful in a wide variety of industries. Let’s discuss more about this.

Creating patient information summaries

In the medical and healthcare industry, it is important to create a summary of every patient and have all the required details in one place. However, doing all this manually takes a lot of time. With the help of generative AI, one can create patient information summaries seamlessly and also find all the required details without any hassle.

Generating shopping recommendations

With the help of generative AI, you can get the right solutions for always recommending useful products to your customers. If you are a brand owner who wishes to increase sales and profits, you can do so by recommending the right products to every customer. With the help of personalized recommendations, every customer will find something for them and will place an order quicker than usual.

Creating product descriptions

No matter what kind of product you are selling? You would surely want to give brief product descriptions for them so that customers get an idea of what the product is like. But writing product descriptions may take a lot of your team’s time. So, you can generate product descriptions with generative AI.

Automating testing

When it comes to software development, a lot of time goes into the testing process. But generative AI can easily identify problems and is also better than all the other AI solutions available. Generative AI can easily predict these issues based on how the users will interact with the software and can create test cases. Hence, the entire software development process will be completed in less time than usual.

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