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How Long Should I Wait To Mow New Sod

Atlanta is proud of its lawns thanks to its balmy weather and lush greenery. If you’ve just spent money on the stunning new sod, you’re probably wondering when you can get the lawnmower out and give it a first cut. The success of your newly laid sod in taking root and developing into a thick, healthy grass depends on when you lay it. To help you choose the best time to mow your brand-new sod, we’ll go over some important factors to think about and some professional advice.

The Waiting Game: Patience is Key

The subject of “How long should I wait to mow new sod?” is frequently one of the prime concerns. The game of patience holds the key. Acclimating and rooting in soil takes time, which sod requires. It is usually advised to give the lawn a couple of weeks to recover after sod installation before mowing for the first time. Cutting the sod too soon can interrupt its rooting process, which is the most important thing it can do at the beginning.

Watch for Visual Cues: Height Matters

Following a detailed schedule is crucial, as is learning to read the signs your grass gives you. When cutting new sod, wait until it reaches the proper mowing height. The consensus amongst experts is that you shouldn’t give the sod its initial trim until it’s at least three or four inches tall. With enough time to root and establish itself, the sod will reach this height, laying a solid foundation for future growth.

The One-Third Rule: Never Trim Too Much

Mowing according to the one-third guideline will keep your new Atlanta sod healthy. Cutting less than a third of the grass height at a time is discouraged by this concept. This implies that when you mow your newly laid sod, you should only do it to a height that stays within the suggested range, ideally between 2.5 and 3 inches.

Cutting the sod too often stresses it out, which slows root growth and leaves it open to pests and diseases. By adhering to the one-third guideline, you may help your Atlanta sod adapt to frequent mowing and boost its general health.

The Right Equipment: Choose Wisely

Just as crucial as deciding when to mow is picking the correct equipment. Choose a well-bladed rotary mower with a height adjustment for cutting newly sodded grass. To avoid ripping or harming the fragile new growth, use a rotary mower with sharp blades to make clean cuts like it’s done at  Atlanta Sod Farms.

Find the sweet spot for your sod type’s recommended cutting height and set it. This is a friendly reminder that you don’t want to scalp the lawn; you want a trim that promotes healthy growth.

Weather Considerations: Ideal Conditions for Mowing

Mowing during the optimal time of day is critical in Atlanta due to the city’s hot summer. Your sod will be less stressed if you prune in the morning or late afternoon when temperatures are lower. Mowing while it’s cooler will help your sod recover more quickly after a cut since hot weather can accelerate water loss through newly cut grass.

Also, wait until the rain has subsided before mowing. In addition to spreading illnesses, clumps of wet grass make for an uneven cut. Your newly formed sod’s health and attractiveness are affected by the ideal conditions for mowing.

Post-Mowing Care: Watering and Fertilizing

It is critical to give your sod the attention it needs to flourish after the initial trim. In the early stages of sod establishment, watering is essential. Adjust your watering schedule according to the weather to make sure your sod gets enough moisture.

Another thing to think about after mowing is fertilizing. But be careful not to fertilize right after you lay sod. Sod needs four or six weeks to settle in and establish itself before a balanced fertilizer can be applied.


A combination of patience and proactive steps is required to care for newly laid sod in Atlanta, a city that takes great pleasure in its well-kept lawns. You can make sure your Atlanta Sod Farms grows well and turns your yard into a verdant oasis by paying attention to the correct signals, following the rules and giving it the care it needs after mowing. Keep in mind that the meticulous upkeep of your freshly laid sod is the first step in developing the ideal lawn.


Q1: How long should I wait to mow new sod?

A1: Wait at least two weeks after installation before mowing like it’s done at  Atlanta Sod Farms.

Q2: Can I mow new sod right after it’s installed?

A2: No, allow the sod to establish for a minimum of two weeks before mowing.

Q3: Is there a specific height for the first mow on new sod?

A3: Keep the initial mow height higher, around 3 inches, for the first few times to promote root development.