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How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Betting eSports App?

Gaming app developers have a number of options when thinking about where to build their games. A full-stack, cloud-based approach with an esports app developer is a 

proven path to success, as it gives you a chance to achieve an enormous range of profitable market projections. 

By comparison, creating a stand-alone computer game requires significant investments in resources and marketing. However, for eSports games in particular, the level of dedicated engagement found in completely integrated gaming apps and systems is unmatched.

So, how much does it cost to create an iGaming eSports app?

I can’t say if this is the current market rate or even a true figure, but I can give you an idea of what it costs to design and develop an app like this.

What are eSports betting apps?

An eSports betting app is a virtual gaming environment that serves as the basis for a real-life eSports betting experience. Its primary purpose is to provide the best and most reliable eSports betting experience available.

Betting on real-life sports with an eSports betting app allows anyone to place bets online in trusted, safe, and regulated environments. 

Users can place bets on sporting events using an “esports betting application,” which is a web, mobile, or desktop application. On most sports betting apps, users can bet on upcoming games, view game stats and scores, track their winnings and losses, and manage their accounts. 

Some sports betting applications might also have an API that allows outside developers to create tools to enhance the user experience. Applications for sports betting frequently share features with applications for online video games, streaming media, and movie rentals.  

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What are the differences in costs for creating the betting Esports app? 

The amount you must invest for a fully functional, integrated Esports app depends on the size of your project.

An investment in software development, graphic design, and marketing would be necessary to produce a fully functional, global app. Additionally, it would need to be tested across a variety of platforms to guarantee that its dependability, functionality, and overall functionality are up to par. 

The costs will vary according to your existing infrastructure, geographic location, and the type of app you are developing. To hire game developer for an Esports betting app, there are several costs and other factors to take into account.

The major costs involved in creating an Esports app include:

App Development: $50,000 – $100,000 USD, including design and app development for multiple platforms (e.g., Android, iOS, Windows). $15,000 USD per platform (iOS, Android) and QA time to conduct a thorough test and have it ready in your App store. This will be based on the scope of your project. Testing includes QA testing on multiple platforms to ensure the product can be installed on all major devices and that there are no bugs or issues with the software itself.

Maintenance and Support: $20,000 – $50,000 USD for testing the app and ensuring it works as advertised and providing the maintenance it requires. This is generally around 365 days to ensure the app continues to work overtime with minor updates released by the developer team. The developers also ensure to provide support for little changes and bug fixing.

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Cost based on UI & features

The eSports app development phase of the project will require custom programming, API integration, and the development of a highly modular system. Additionally, a highly modular system that can accommodate data for live streaming must be created.

For example, a custom matchmaking engine needs to be developed from scratch and must support all major tournaments and competitions. It should also provide tools for live streaming data that casting companies can pick up on. Get in contact with a top sports app development company to develop your project.

To be able to wager on live games in real-time, the app should also integrate with an eSports betting platform. A developer will create the underlying software infrastructure for the bettor to achieve this.

The UI and feature development phase of the project will also require software testing and QA. It’s important to test your app on all major smartphone platforms before launch. 

These are a few basic procedures for the UI and features of esports betting app development that affect the overall cost of creating an esports betting app.

Cost based on UX and graphics

Your app’s graphics and user experience (UX) design are crucial to its success. They will have a big impact on the conversion rates, user lifetime value, and general engagement of your app. User interface and UX, responsive design, branding, UX/UI design, animation, graphics, and overall visual appeal are all design and graphics components of your app. 

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A modern, uncompromising user interface for the typical esports app can cost up to $100k for straightforward, conventional designs. If you don’t have experience in this area or already have a strong brand identity in place, it’s worth investing in good UX/UI design or hiring a freelance UX designer who can do both.

For instance, a typical mobile app design may cost between $10,000 and $15,000. The price depends on the complexity of the design and the quality of the UX you are looking for. If your product only needs to be built from scratch, this is a very reasonable price. You can contact the top app development companies to create your eSports betting app with amazing UX and graphics. A well-qualified Unity game development company with many years of experience and various successful projects will be able to serve you with the best graphics required for an eSports betting application.  


Esports betting apps are becoming more popular because of the increasing number of tournaments taking place around the world. In a recent case study, we discussed how to get started in esports betting and how to monetize your app.

The esports market offers a wide range of opportunities. Your project can be successful with the help of a game development company with a skilled development team that has an idea of the latest trends in the tech industry. 

The above figures are obviously a ballpark estimate of what it costs to create an Esports app, but they will vary with your existing infrastructure, geographic location and the type of product you are developing.