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How to Change My FB Page Name: Best Tutorial

If you have a Facebook page for your business, brand, or personal use, you might want to change its name at some point. Maybe you have rebranded your business or found a better name that reflects your page’s purpose. Whatever the reason, changing your Facebook page name is not difficult, but there are some things you need to know before you do it. This article will guide you How to Change My FB Page Name.

How to Change My FB Page Name: First Step

Before you change your page name, you must ensure you have the permission and the ability to do so. For how to change My FB Page Name, you need to meet the following requirements:

You must be an admin of the page. You must ask the page admin to grant you the role or change your name if you are not an admin. Check your page role by going to Settings > Page Roles on your page.

You must not have changed your page name in the last seven days. If you recently changed your page name, you must wait seven days before changing it again.

Your page must not have any limits or restrictions. If your page has any limits or restrictions, such as being unpublished or having a low-quality rating, you may not be able to change its name until you resolve them. You can check your page quality by going to Settings > Page Quality on your page.

How to Change My FB Page Name: Choose a New Name

Once you have confirmed that you can change your page name, you must choose a new name that suits your page. Your new page name should be clear, descriptive, and relevant to your page’s content and audience. It should also follow Facebook’s guidelines for page names, which include:

Ensure that your page name accurately represents your page and does not contain any false or misleading information. Additionally, your page name should not include any abusive, violent, hateful, obscene, or discriminatory terms or phrases. This is to maintain a safe and respectful online environment.

Your page name must use proper grammar and capitalization. You cannot use excessive punctuation, symbols, or random capitalization.

Your page name must not consist solely of generic words or geographic locations. You can use generic words or locations as part of your name.

Your page name must not use variations or misspellings of the word “Facebook”. You can use “Facebook” as part of your name if it accurately describes your page’s topic or purpose.

You can find more details and examples of Facebook’s guidelines for page names here.

Request a Change to Your Page Name

After you have chosen a new page name that meets the requirements and guidelines, you can request a change to your page name by following these steps:

Log into FB and go to your page.

Click Settings on the left side of your page.

Click Page Info on the left side of the settings menu.

Click Edit next to Name under the General section.

Enter your new name and click Continue.

Review your request and click Request Change.

You will see a confirmation message that your request has been submitted for review. Facebook will carefully consider your request and inform you of the outcome within three days. If your request is approved, your page name will be changed automatically. If your request is denied, you will receive an explanation of why it was rejected and what you can do to fix it.