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How to Clean Out Your House and Remove Clutter Before a Major Move?

Even if packing your home for a move is already taxing, adding extra weight to the effort by hauling unwanted furniture, clothing, and valuables can make it even more so.

Before collecting boxes to store your belongings, you must clear your home, which should take at least one week.

Items you no longer need can be thrown away, donated to a charitable organization, or sold, depending on their condition. If you proceed this way, you will save time and space. Here are some quick tips to help you organize your home so you can begin a fresh start.

1) Remove any duplicates.

Buying many copies of products that can only be used once is the quickest and easiest method to accumulate clutter.

Brooms, ironing boards, potato mashers, and slow cookers are the most prevalent offenders. If you find more than one of anything not part of a set, save only your favorite and discard the other duplicate.

2) Follow the “One-Year Rule”

“If you haven’t worn it in a year, throw it out” applies to every area in the house. You’ve probably heard of this one when it comes to closet organization.

When going through your items, especially those in the kitchen, bathrooms, and laundry area, you should donate everything you last used a year ago to charity. This indicates that you’re holding on to things for the wrong reasons, especially given how much you have.

3) Arrange Your Clothes in the Closet

Our closets are where we accumulate the most items, and some people find it especially difficult to empty their closets. You must be completely honest with yourself about whether or not you would ever wear it again, and you must also apply the one-year rule in this case. 

If the clothing is still in good condition, you can donate it to a charitable organization to use it by someone else.

4) Goodbye to Odd Pieces of Furniture

Bring them to the new house because everyone has at least one strange chair in their dining room or a coffee table that has not had any coffee in years. 

Examine your furniture carefully and thoroughly, and eliminate anything that does not fit properly or is no longer helpful.

5) Obsolete products must get discarded.

It is easy to declutter the kitchen and bathroom quickly because they are two of the most challenging areas. Keeping an eye out for anything outdated or no longer in good condition might help you eliminate it. 

Cosmetics and skincare products, food, cleaning supplies, out-of-date publications, out-of-date mail and letters, and any other object that has seen better days than it does now are all examples. 

It is a typical mistake to store unsealed products with a short shelf life, such as ointments (independent of the use-by date), so check everything.

6) If you need more time, throw it out.

When you’re down to a few items and debating whether to toss them away, it’s usually always advisable to get rid of them. 

If you’re having second thoughts about something, it’s preferable to donate it. That way, you’ll immediately know if it’s anything useful, nostalgic, or worth keeping.

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