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How to Create BEP 20 Tokens on Binance Smart Chain ?

Binance Smart Chain is on trending and the most preferred blockchain network for the many NFT Marketplace Development, DeFi based DEX development, and more. The popularity of BSC is because of its own native token BEP 20 and its fast transaction speed.  


Here we discuss the BEP 20 standard and the complete development of BEP 20 tokens. 


To Create Your Own BEP 20 Token


These BEP 20 tokens are created to represent the decentralized financial administration via a P2P monetary framework which conveys perpetual help for the broad smart chain firm.


Making BEP 20 tokens on Binance Smart Chain which displays its nature of administration, token stamping, token consuming systems in corresponds with BNB, the base cash of BSC network.


Parameters for Developing a BEP20 Token


Token Burn

If you have a plan to build your own BEP 20 as a burn model token, then you have to work at the beginning time of the token design.


Token Pause

To provide permission for the users to stop operations like spend, burn and mint for a specific time, in the token pause development,


Token Mint

The users can Mint BEP 20 tokens designed with nonfixed total supply, which allows the token owners to mint more BEP 20 tokens in this token mint process.


Before jumping into the development of your own BEP 20 token, keep these things in mind.


  • Token Name 
  • Token Symbol
  • Total Supply
  • Initial Supply and 
  • Decimal Places


BEP 20 Token Development


BEP 20 Token development is a process of developing a token on Binance Smart Chain with suitable functionalities for your business requirements. By understanding the nature of administration, token stamping, and more about BEP 20 token development, you can create a successful BEP 20 token for your needs. 


If you are clear about the exact need and the process of creating BEP 20, you can design and develop the best BEP 20 tokens with the help of a BEP 20 token development service provider like Bitdeal.


Business Benefits of BEP 20 Token Development


By leveraging the Binance Smart Chain network, developing BEP 20 tokens for your business needs will benefit you in more ways. Some of the business benefits behind this BEP 20 token development are as follows :


  • Supports for Staking
  • Utility Token in nature
  • Easy Issuance
  • Completely Decentralized 
  • Quick Validation
  • Perfectly Collateralized and more


BEP 20 Token Development Services


Listed here is the complete package of services provided by Bitdeal when it comes to BEP 20 Token Development. 


BEP 20 Token Development

Our experts collect requirements, make design and develop your BEP 20 token and finally deploy it & list it for use by investors.


Smart Contract Integration 

We develop & deploy blockchain-based smart contracts to automate the transactions of your BEP 20 tokens.


NFT Marketplace

The development of BEP 20 tokens contributes to the development of the Non-Fungible Token(NFT) Marketplace. This kind of Binance Smart Chain BEP 20 tokens act as a central 

unit of transactions and pave more attention among investors.


DEX Development

We develop a decentralized exchange platform which makes use of BEP 20 tokens and operates as a platform for carrying transactions of BEP 20 securely.


Wallet Integration

We also provide wallet development & integration services when it comes to the development of BEP 20 tokens.


Token Listing

Our experts also assist in listing your own BEP 20 token on cryptocurrency exchanges to make an investment in your token.


Approach our team of token developers specifically for the development of BEP 20 tokens on the Binance Smart Chain.


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