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How To Design a Good Business Card For Your Business Recognition

Are you confused about how to make a good business card? Although many people said that it’s an outdated way of marketing your brand which is absolutely not right. It’s all about how you design your cards and make it good  for your customer when they look at it. There is no doubt that it’s essential for making a good impression on prospective connections. Plus this is such a good way to make your customer engaged with you. This is a great way of marketing and allows customers to remember you whenever they need to connect with you. Your custom business card boxes can help people to be more reneged with you and caneasy reach you out by putting information through your custom business card. Here are few tips that can help you make the best business card that can be liked by customers so easily: 


Tips for Designing a Business Card

Choose the right size 

Make sure that your business card should be large enough to read information added there but small too to be carried in the pocket.  The standard size is 3.5” x 2”, but can make it a bit large to add more relevant information that you want to add on your business card that includes links to online portfolios or profiles.   


Use your brands colour scheme

Some businesses prefer all white business cards but some want to with their brand colour scheme which is highly recommended. Make sure that you don’t overlook using your brand’s colour scheme, which can help spread brand awareness to potential clients. But when you make any significant change in colour scene make sure you do in your business cards as well. So make it a unique yet  quality custom packaging that can help customers remember your brand so easily. 


Incorporate Your Business Logo

Adding your company’s logo is another method to build brand recognition. The more a customer encounters your logo, business name, and other company details, the greater the chances they’ll remember it. Place it in a corner or at the center of the card, depending on the shape and size of the logo. The aim is to ensure visibility without overshadowing crucial information such as the business name, contact number, and services.


Include all of your contact details

Apart from your company name,  you must add  other forms of contact, such as your email address, website URL, and social media handles. If you’re a local business, add your company address in case prospects prefer to stop by. 


Add CTA ( call to action )

When you give business cards to your customers or visitors, it should urge people to reach out to you and make them come back to you. You can add  cta like, call us today, book your consultation, or visit us today. So these are some of the best CTA you can add 


Make it Simple

As you have to disturb your card to more and more people, make it as simple as possible. So that customer can easily read the information and While you can use eye-popping colours and designs to make your card stand out. If your business is distinctive or provides a top-notch service, there’s a good chance that people will hold onto your business card. Rather than focusing on an elaborate colour scheme, choose a simple design that includes all the necessary information to facilitate the purchase of your product or service, such as your name, logo, and contact number.