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How to Download Sky GO on Samsung Smart TV?

The world has moved far away from the traditional mode of streaming entertaining content on Television network channels. Smart TVs are the new trend now. These TVs operate on an internet connection, providing users access to thousands of streaming channels and unlimited entertaining content. 

What is Sky Go? 

Sky Go is one of the most popular streaming platforms that provides users with access to a wide range of on-demand shows, sports events, movies, series, programs and more. Its wide popularity can be especially witnessed by sports fans. 

Is The Sky Go Available on Samsung Smart TV? 

The best part about Sky Go is that it can be easily accessed on various devices including phones, tablets, computers and televisions. Moreover, it is available to download on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store. 

Many users have queries regarding the availability of the sky go on samsung tv. If you’re one of those users, you’re in the right place. In this article, we are going to dive deep into the features of Sky Go and how to access it on the Samsung Smart TV. 

The Sky Go content can not be accessed directly on Samsung Smart TVs as the Sky Go app is not officially available on the Smart Hub Store. However, there are a few workarounds that can be your lifesaver and let you stream Sky Go content on Samsung TV. 

How to Download Sky Go on a Samsung Smart TV Using a PC? 

You can easily stream Sky Go content on a Samsung Smart TV using your PC. Follow the steps mentioned below to get easy access to it. 

  • To begin, you must connect your Samsung Smart TV and your PC using an HDMI port so that your PC can detect the Smart TV as a second monitor.
  • Then, connect both devices to a stable internet connection. 
  • Now, navigate the Sky Go app on your browser and install it on your PC.
  • Download it and enjoy the Sky Go content on Samsung Smart TV. 

How to Get The Sky Go App on Samsung Smart TV Using Gaming Consoles And Android Devices? 

Another way to stream Sky Go content on Samsung Smart TV is by using gaming consoles such as PlayStation and Xbox. Here’s how you can do that. 

  • Start by pairing your Samsung Smart TV with your gaming console using an HDMI port. 
  • Now, you must connect both devices to a strong and stable internet connection.
  • On the home screen of your gaming console, search Sky Go in the search bar.
  • Install the Sky Go app and start streaming content on it without any hassle. 

You can also watch Sky Go content on your Samsung Smart TV using an Android phone. Find out how in the following steps for sky go samsung tv

  • Connect both your Samsung Smart TV and Android phone with a stable internet connection.
  • Now, navigate to the screen mirroring option on your Samsung TV and select it. Repeat this on your Android device too.
  • Download and install the Sky Go app yon your phone and start streaming Sky Go content.
  • Do not forget to turn on the casting option so that you can choose your Smart TV from the device list. Now, you can easily watch Sky Go on a Samsung Smart TV. 

To Summarise

To conclude, Sky Go is a streaming app that allows subscribers to access a wide range of entertaining content. The app is available on multiple devices. However, to get access to Sky Go content on Samsung Smart TV, you must check out the ways mentioned in this article as the Sky Go app is not directly available on Samsung Smart TV.  We hope you found this article helpful. 

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