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How To Find the Best iOS App Deals and Save Money

Suppose you are an iPhone or iPad user. In that case, you probably know that thousands of apps are available on the App Store. However, you may also know that some apps can be expensive, especially if you want to unlock all the features and content. Fortunately, there are ways to find the best iOS app deals and save money on purchases.


Best iOS App Deals

Use App Price Trackers

One of the easiest ways to find iOS app deals is to use app price trackers, websites or apps that monitor the price changes of apps on the App Store and notify you when they go on sale or become free. Some of the popular app price trackers are:

AppShopper: This website lets you browse, search, and filter apps by category, price, rating, and update date. You can make a app wish list you want to buy and get alerts when prices drop. You can also access AppShopper from its iOS app or its Safari extension.


Apps Gone Free: This app curates a list of quality apps that are free for a limited time daily. Browse through the list and download the apps you like before they go back to their original price. You can also get push notifications or email alerts for new app deals.


Use Promo Codes and Gift Cards

Another way to find iOS app deals is to use promo codes and gift cards, which can reduce the cost of your app purchases or even make them free. Some of the ways to get promo codes and gift cards are:

Developers: Sometimes, app developers offer promo codes to users who review their apps, participate in contests, or follow them on social media. Promo codes are usually valid for a short period and can be redeemed on the App Store. Find promo codes by searching online, joining forums, or contacting developers directly.


Websites: Some websites also offer promo codes or gift cards as rewards for completing surveys, watching videos, playing games, or doing other tasks. Some of these websites are Swagbucks, AppBounty, FeaturePoints, and FreeMyApps. Earn points by doing various activities and redeem them for iTunes gift cards or other rewards.


Check Out App Bundles and Subscriptions

Another way to find iOS app deals is to check out app bundles and subscriptions, which can offer you more value for your money. Some of the ways to find app bundles and subscriptions are:

App Store: The App Store offers some app bundles and subscriptions to help you save money on your app purchases. For example, you can find app bundles that contain multiple apps from the same developer or genre at a discounted price. You can also find subscriptions that give you access to a collection of apps or services for a monthly or yearly fee. These subscriptions include Apple Arcade, Apple Music, Apple TV+, and Apple News+.



Finding the best iOS app deals can be easy if you know where to look and how to use them. You can save money on your app purchases and enjoy more apps without breaking the bank by using app price trackers, promo codes, gift cards, app bundles, and subscriptions. Happy shopping!