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How to Hire Mobile App Developers? Complete Guide

Nowadays, making a successful mobile application requires the strong expertise of skilled mobile app developers. Whether you are a startup or a large-scale enterprise, you need to consider several things before you hire mobile app developers for your app-making project. In this blog, we will discuss the key steps of hiring app developers and how much it costs to hire them. Let’s get started. 


Why should you hire mobile app developers?


  1. Skills and expertise: Custom application developers have technical skill sets and domain knowledge. They also specialize in cutting app development technologies, frameworks, and best practices. These knowledge and skill sets are imperative for developing a highly scalable and robust mobile application. 


  1. Cost-effectiveness: Hiring skilled app developers can save time and costs in the long run. This is because professional developers can easily streamline the overall app development process and solve challenges if they arise. They also ensure that the mobile app is sophistically designed and developed.


  1. Prioritizes business activities: By hiring a custom application development company, you can prioritize your core business processes and activities. This helps you focus on your resources for strategic planning and other important functions. 


Steps to Hire Mobile App Developers


Step 1: Define your project requirements

Before you start hiring custom application developers, define all your project objectives and requirements clearly. Outline the core features and functionalities of your app, your preferred development platform (iOS or Android), and other technical requirements. Having a proper project brief assists you in finding the best developers for your project. 


Step 2: Select an appropriate hiring model

There are different developer’s hiring models to consider: 


  • Freelancers: Hiring freelancers is an ideal option for small-scale projects or you want specific skills for a short-term period. Though investing in freelancers is cost-effective, you may encounter reliability issues during your app development project. 


  • In-house development team: Developing an in-house team is ideal for long-term projects where ongoing maintenance and support are highly required. However, this is the most extensive option, and might be difficult to manage the team with limited capital.


  • App development agency: Hiring a custom application development company is suitable for all types of project sizes. Though hiring costs are higher as compared to freelancers, reliable Android and iOS app development firms offer high reliability, commitment, and support in the long run. 


Step 3: Conduct interviews

This process is quite critical in assessing the skills and tech knowledge of the developers. You can start with a screening session to check their portfolios and resumes. Next, you need to conduct technical rounds to assess their coding abilities, problem-solving skills, and other important skills.


Step 4: Practical assessments

Practical assessments like small project assignments or coding tests play an essential role in evaluating the technical skills and abilities of app developers. These assessments must be designed to check how the developers manage app development challenges. 


Step 5: Check references

While checking technical skills and abilities, don’t forget to check references. References deliver valuable insights into the reliability, work ethics, and performance of developers. For a better understanding, you need to consult with previous clients regarding app development projects. 


Step 6: Focus on Terms & Conditions:

Once you have selected a custom application developer, start negotiating the terms and conditions of the contract. This must include the project scope, timelines, payment terms, etc. You should ensure that the team has a proper understanding of deliverables and expectations.


How much does it cost to hire app developers?

The average cost of hiring app developers usually starts from $25 to $150/hour. This cost mostly varies depending on a number of factors such as geographic locations, level of specialization, project complexities, choice of app development platform, app categories, etc. For your convenience, we created a table that shows iOS and Android mobile app development cost in India and other locations.


Developer’s hourly rates


$25 to $80 per hour


$100 to $149 per hour


$100 to $149 per hour


$150 to $199 per hour


$100 to $130 per hour


$50 to $100 per hour


$40 to $55 per hour


$40 to $60 per hour


Final words

Hiring professional custom application developers involves some critical steps that you need to consider carefully. By selecting an appropriate hiring model, knowing the qualities and skills, and conducting the right evaluations, you can hire the best development team that delivers unparalleled solutions. Professional developers understand their client’s vision and based on that they set up a roadmap to manage the app development process. Investing time and effort in hiring will help you set a proper foundation for successful app creation.