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Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Terms
  • The object of the Game
  • How to play
  • Getting Started
  • Build Your Team
  • Earn Points & Point Distribution
  • Swap Regional Leaders for Better Ones
  • Win!


These instructions demonstrate how to play Regional Politics Fantasy League using our automated online platform. Like most fantasy sports apps, Regional League will handle all the administration involved with tallying points, managing team lineups, and determining rankings. All you have to do is focus on creating the best team possible!

Check out this short “how-to” video on creating leagues and playing Regional League:


Terms & Conditions

Learn the lingo of the Regional League.

Regional League:- Nation / Prime Minister / President

  • President or Prime Minister – An elected official currently serving may be shortened to “Regional Leader of the Government”.
  • Player – It is someone who plays Leagues.
  • Regional League – Regional League is played in small groups called leagues. A league consists of 2 to 15 teams. Regional Leaders of the State are attributed to a player or group of players. A team for a unicameral system consists of 15 Regional Leaders of the State Representatives of the government from the state/local you want to play the league for.
  • Team – The Regional Leader is attributed to a player or group of players. A team for all state governments consisting of 15 members of the State government from the country you want to play the league for.
  • Season – The time period in which you play Regional League. A season consists of a predefined number of full weeks.
  • League Owner – The individual in charge of the league. This person determines who can play in the league, how long the season lasts, and sets other miscellaneous rules for the league. By default, the user that created the league will be its owner.
  • On Boarding – The process of choosing contenders for your team. This occurs during a single event, often referred to as “The Draft.”
  • Motive of the Game – Players select contenders for their team and acquire points based on data collected about the Nation/ Unicameral, or Upper/ Lower house. The player(s) whose team has the most points at the end of the season wins.

Point Distribution

Players select Head of the Nation for their team and acquire points based on data collected about the U.N. The player(s) whose team has the most points at the end of the season wins.

  • 3 points – for each tweet @Twitter that mentions by contender
  • 3 points – for each post/address @Nayaha.
  • 3 points – for voting @Amendment/Passing of Bill in State Government.
  • 9 points – when a member sponsors a bill, and the bill is passed in the State Government.
  • 9 points Each – for building towards social/economic/health welfare issues, peace and security, Economic Development, Economic Development, Climate and Environment, law and crime prevention, culture and education, migrants and refugees, Women/Health in the State Government.

Getting started

Sign in to the platform here and create a league. Users will get the notification and join the league, or Invite others to play via email/Whatsapp/SMS/Any Social Media Handle.

Invited players can create their Nayaha Renown account here. On login, Members or invited players will be prompted to accept or decline your league invite. Once a player has accepted their invite, they should create a team for the league.

Make your team

Once all teams are created, it’s time to draft. There are two methods for drafting. See the video above for a demonstration of each method.

Auto-assign: The platform will automatically assign Leaders of the Nation to each team. This is the fastest method for assigning (less than a minute).

Earn points

The Leaders of the Nation will upload the activity for the point through their own dashboard, and will also upload the link of that activity on their own. For each week of the season, teams earn points based on their contender’s accomplishments during that week. A team’s total points is the sum of its points earned each week.

For example: If Leader of the Nation “A” voted 10 times during Week 1 of the season, they would receive 30 points. Now, let’s say Leader of the Nation “B” got a total of 40 points during Week 1, and Contender C received 20 points during Week 1. A team that consists of only these Contenders would get a total of 90 points for Week 1 of the season.

Swap Contenders for better ones

To maximize points, players can swap Contenders on their team for better ones. This is done by “dropping” a contender from their team and “picking up” a member of the assembly that has not been claimed, or attempting to trade with another team. New team lineups do not take effect until the week following the swap. Line ups are “locked” on Saturdays at 8 pm IST.

For example: Perhaps Contender A is not performing well. During Week 3 of the season, you drop Contender A and replace them with Contender D (who does not belong to a team currently). When points are calculated for Week 3, your team will receive points for Contender A but not for Contender D (since this was the week the swap was made). As of Week 4 and going forward, however, you will receive points for Contender D and no longer receive points for Contender A.


At the end of the season, the team with the most points wins!