How to Protect Your Pillows with Pillow Gift Boxes?

Pillow gift boxes are stylish and unique packing options that can be put together to look like a pillow. People often use them to...
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How to Protect Your Pillows with Pillow Gift Boxes?

Pillow gift boxes are stylish and unique packing options that can be put together to look like a pillow. People often use them to give small gifts, jewelry, makeup, and other fragile things.

What are pillow-shaped gift boxes made of?

Most gift pillow boxes are made of high-quality paperboard or cardboard. These materials are long-lasting, strong, and flexible, which makes them good for making the pillow’s unique shape and protecting the gifts inside. Here’s more information about the items that go into gift pillow boxes:


Pillow gift boxes are often made of cardboard, which can be used in a lot of different ways. It is made of thick, stiff paper stock, which gives it the strength it needs to keep its pillow shape. Cardboard is easy to print on, which lets you make your own patterns and brand.


Paperboard is a thicker and more rigid type of paper that is also called boxboard or chipboard. Because it is strong and has a smooth surface, it is often used for luxury or high-end gift pillow boxes. Paperboard can be finished in different ways, like with a matte or glossy coating, which improves the look of the package as a whole.

Kraft Paperboard: 

Kraft paperboard is a type of paperboard that is made from wood pulp that has not been cleaned, so it is brown in color. Because it is eco-friendly and recyclable, it is often used for custom pillow boxes wholesale with a rustic or green theme.

Specialty Paper: 

Some Christmas pillow boxes may use specialty papers like textured or stamped papers to make the packaging feel unique and expensive.

Recycled Materials: 

Many companies that sell packaging offer window pillow boxes made from recycled cardboard or paperboard, which is good for the earth and helps to keep things green.

Can you change the way gift boxes look?

Yes, wedding pillow gift boxes can be changed in many ways. For the outside of the box, you can choose from different colors, patterns, and styles. You can also add unique printing, like the logo of your brand or a special message.

How do gift boxes get put together?

Most of the time,wedding pillow gift boxes  are shipped flat to save money and space. To put them together, you just fold and secure the gaps and tabs that have already been cut out. This makes the pillow shape.

What kinds of presents can be put in gift boxes?

Wedding pillow gift boxes are flexible and can hold a wide range of small to medium-sized gifts. Because of their unique shape and design, these boxes can be used to show different things in an elegant and stylish way. Here are some things that can be given as gifts in wholesale pillow gift boxes:

  • Jewelry: Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, and pins make great gifts to give in gift boxes. They provide a safe and beautiful way to package fragile items.
  • Cosmetics and beauty products: Lipsticks, lip glosses, nail polishes, and makeup kits are just some of the small beauty products that look great in gift boxes.
  • Perfumes and fragrances: Wholesale pillow gift boxes are a stylish way to package small perfume bottles or samples of fragrances.
  • Candles: Small candles, like votive candles or tea light candles, can be put in gift boxes for a cute presentation.
  • Chocolates and sweets: Wedding pillow gift boxes are perfect for giving as gifts chocolates, candies, truffles, or other sweet treats.
  • Accessories: Small accessories like hairpins, hair ties, scarves, ties, or pocket squares can be put in pillow boxes wholesale to add a bit of elegance.
  • Miniature bottles: Miniature bottles of booze or specialty drinks can be given as gifts or given away at events in cute pillow boxes wholesale.
  • Small Toys or figures: Small toys, figures, or collectibles can be given as gifts in gift boxes.
  • Stationery and small notebooks: Pens, notepads, and small notebooks can be put in pillow boxes to make a cute set of stationery.
  • Small electronics: Pillow boxes can be used to give small electronics accessories like earbuds, phone cases, or charging wires.
  • Baby Shower Favors: Small baby shower favors like baby socks, pacifiers, or mini baby care items can be put in pillow boxes.
  • trinkets from an event: wholesale pillow gift boxes can be used for trinkets like keepsakes or mementos to give guests a gift they will remember.

Do weddings and other events call for gift boxes?

Pillow boxes wholesale are great for weddings and other special occasions. They add an elegant and charming touch to special events and are often used to package wedding presents, gifts for the bridal party, freebies at events, and other items for celebrations. Here are some reasons why gift boxes are a popular choice for weddings and other events:

  • Unique Shape: These gift boxes are different from square or rectangular boxes because they are shaped like pillows. This makes them a unique and eye-catching way to package gifts.
  • Elegant Presentation: Wedding presents and gifts look elegant and classy when they are put in pillow boxes. They make guests feel like they’re in a fancy place and leave a lasting impact.
  • Design that can be changed: Pillow boxes can be changed to match the theme of the wedding or the decor of the event. Couples can choose colors, patterns, and printing choices that fit their style and tastes.
  • Versatility: Pillow boxes come in different sizes, so they can be used to package a wide range of things, from small trinkets and jewelry to candies, chocolates, and even tiny champagne bottles.
  • Secure Packaging: For fragile things like jewelry or small keepsakes, gift boxes are a safe and protective way to package them. Some boxes have fillers or padding to keep things from moving around inside.
  • Couples can personalize the gift boxes by writing their names, the date of the wedding, or special words on them. This makes a unique keepsake for guests to remember the event.
  • Easy to Put Together: custom kraft pillow boxes are easy to put together, which is helpful for couples or event planners who need to wrap a lot of things.
  • Offering wedding favors or gifts in stylish and well-designed gift boxes improves the overall experience for guests and makes a good impact on them.
  • Consistency: Using pillow boxes for wedding favors or other event freebies makes sure that the packaging is the same, giving the whole event a coordinated look.
  • Possibilities for photography: Pillow boxes are great props for wedding or event photos because of their unique shape and nice look. They also add to the visual appeal of the event recording.

Are there fillers in the gift boxes?

Some large pillow boxes have padding or layers to protect fragile gifts. Cushions made of foam, velvet, or satin are often used to keep items in place.

Are pillow boxes good for the environment?

Some packaging companies offer choices for gift boxes that are good for the environment, such as using recycled materials or paperboard made from trees.


In conclusion, cardboard pillow boxes are an elegant and unique way to give small gifts and other items. They can be changed to fit your needs, are easy to put together, and can be used for many different events. This makes them a popular choice for both personal and business gifting.