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How To Reduce Fuel Costs For T&L Businesses In Canada?

Whether you operate a truckload carrier service, an LTL carrier, or have a small courier company in Surrey, fuel cost is something that is bound to impact your business directly, isn’t it? Depending upon the business type, the average fuel cost for a small business in Canada in the Transport and logistics business can go up to a whopping 35% of the total operating expenses. Apart from being a significant factor in overall business expenses, it also invites carbon tax and many regulations. The high cost of fuel and heavy reliance on it makes it an even more important factor in making or breaking a business. Thus, how can you regulate this significant cost of your business?  That’s where we step in!  In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the intricacies of fuel expense management, providing T&L business owners with a roadmap to optimize fuel consumption, implement cost-saving strategies, and navigate the complexities of fuel taxes and rebates. You can also schedule your FREE 30-minute consultation with a CPA in Surrey Canada who will help you out with Fuel expense management strategies for small trucking companies like yours! Without waiting any more, let’s dive in!

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