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The Wave separator is a simple and robust working principle based on the slow-moving oval discs that are mounted on columns. The forward rotating...

Sludge Dewatering System

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Hydrodynamic Fine Bubble Diffusers Aeration for Wastewater Treatment.

The Gasion hydrodynamic mixers are constructed of engineering plastics and can be used as high-volume air diffusers. Compressed air enters at the bottom of the diffuser assembly through an ejector device creating a vacuum that draws in a large amount of water through the aerator body. The water and air mixture gets mixed thoroughly in a vane-type arrangement and then the air is fractured into microbubbles in a set of mushroom-type bubble breaker devices which forcibly dissolve oxygen into the water. Circulating flows are formed by powerful upward air flows that evenly churn the entire tank resulting in high agitation and oxygen transfer. The volume of activated sludge sucked into the aerator is about 1.3 times that of the air supplied because of the strong negative pressure created in the ejector assembly. The air discharge opening is about 30mm and so operated without any clogging issues even in liquid with large particles.

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