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Is it Easy to Make the Best-Fitted Spring Hawley Retainers?

The use of retainers after the removal of traditional braces is a must to keep the changes in place. The procedure evolved with time, but the use of the original Hawley retainer is still popular. Hawley retainers remained undefeatable even after years. However, creating them for the patients is still not that easy if you do not have the proper skills. Usually, orthodontists rely on lab specialists to create the best-fitted Hawley retainers for their patients. The process is quite difficult and involves several steps.


The first step is to take impressions of the patient’s mouth. These impressions give the exact dimensions to create the best-fitted Hawley retainers for the patient. Normally, dentist’s assistants take the impressions. Sometimes, dentists call lab specialists to take the impressions. Both ways, they try to get an exact impression of the patient’s requirements.

Creating Model & Retainer:

The impressions taken of a patient are used in the next step to create a model. This model is used further to design and create retainers. The model is created to get the exact shape of the patient’s teeth and jaw. This way, lab specialists construct a better spring Hawley retainer design that particularly fits that patient’s mouth and serves the purpose without causing any issues for the patient.

Fabrication & Adjustments:

The last step of the process is fabrication and adjustments. Lab specialists and orthodontists use the created model for creating the best retainer design after taking the impressions. After the design is created, these specialists work on its fabrication by bending wires, shaping acrylic, and so on. After all this, the retainer is given to the patient for trial purposes. And if there is a need for any change, the orthodontists and lab specialists adjust accordingly.

Why Choose Lab Specialists?

Lab specialists have all the required tools, equipment pieces, and technology required to conduct the entire process excellently. Therefore, these specialists are the best possible solution for everyone. Orthodontists also depend on the skills and experience of these lab specialists which eventually helps them serve their patients better.

About China Orthodontic Laboratory:

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