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Is Your Author Bio Helping Book Sales?

People enjoy knowing more about the authors of the books they read. Therefore, a well-written bio figures prominently in all book marketing campaigns and author’s websites. If you’re a writer about to self-publish a book, take a few hours and compose a compelling bio in short and more extended versions. You’ll want to give people a sense of your credentials, knowledge, and life experience, all of which can help you sound more qualified (and interesting). PR firms that represent you and your book will use your bio in many pitches to the media. You can include it on your website to help inform all who visit.

Creativity is always helpful to keep things more exciting, but don’t cross the line where your bio is seen as unserious. Write in the third person and include relevant information in easy-to-understand text. Most people will be reading quickly, and clarity reigns supreme. Include enough information to make your bio complete, but avoid making it overly long. Bios can make unintended impressions if they are too long or include any information challenging to understand. Keep your book in mind, share things that will make a favorable impression, and show that you are a qualified author.

A common pitfall with authors and their bios is to fall in love with one version and use it past its prime. It’s vital to add new and relevant information and keep the content fresh and up to date. If you earn a new credential or achieve something new, add them to all versions of your bio as soon as possible. You may also want to update your one or two-line social media profile description, which is your bio in those channels. When you add new or updated information, people who already think they know about you may take notice and learn new things. Each one can make their respect for you increase.

The reason to write two versions is different uses. The longer one goes to people like the media who may be planning to interview you or write a story. They need to know more than the average person trying to find out about you. Therefore, what goes into the shorter version is important because it will reach more people. As always, look at competing authors in your genre and see what they say. It would be best if you were unique and didn’t copy them. But you can be inspired, and something they have said may spark an idea for you. Differentiating yourself from others is an excellent way to spark sales.

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