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Italy Electric Scooter and Motorcycle Market is Led by the Electric Scooter Category

The Italy electric scooter and motorcycle market will touch USD 707.1 million, powering at approximately 24.4% compound annual growth rate, by 2035.

This growth is mainly because of the quickly increasing incentives by the government for purchasing electric scooters and motorcycles, coupled with their cost-effectiveness in terms of maintenance and operation.

Moreover, the need for sports motorbikes is rising in this nation because of the existence of an enormous number of racing enthusiasts. In addition, the greater performance as well as the long-term value offered by these two-wheelers are likely to assist in boosting their sales in the years to come.

Furthermore, the quick increase in the costs of petroleum products is also a key factor boosting the expansion of this industry. Electric two-wheelers are less costly to operate as well as more effective compared to conventional ones.

As a result of the decreased wear and friction, electrical systems perform better compared to their mechanical counterparts in terms of durability and efficiency.

The lithium-ion category, based on battery type, is the highest contributor to the industry. Most e-scooters and motorcycle manufacturers pick the lithium-ion battery because of its high energy density, no memory effect, and low self-discharge rate.

Furthermore, lithium-ion batteries offer a greater lifespan (over 2,000 charge cycles) than sealed lead–acid ones (maximum of 400 charge cycles).

The electric scooter category, based on product, is leading the Italy electric scooter and motorcycle market. Electric scooters are employed more compared to electric motorcycles. This is because electric motorcycles require more energy, which means they need a greater battery as well as a better electric motor, which increases their costs.

In addition, electric scooters are among the most cost-effective short-distance travel choices, therefore, assisting the progression of this category.

The natural convection category, on the basis of cooling system, was the largest contributor to the industry, in the past few years. This natural convection cooling system variant is employed in electric scooters as well as motorcycles because it cools the inverters or motors with natural air, with zero power-consuming sources.