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JetBlue Seat Selection Fee: +1-888-906-0670

For the seasoned jet-setter or the occasional traveler on a budget, understanding the intricate dance of airline fees can mean the difference between a satisfying journey and feeling nickelled and dimed into a sour travel experience. JetBlue Airways, a popular choice for many, is no stranger to the practice of charging extras, and one fee that’s often scrutinized is its seat selection fee. In this comprehensive guide, we dive into JetBlue seat selection fee, and how you can navigate these charges to your advantage.

Why Seat Selection Matters

Picture this: you’re about to embark on a cross-country flight or even a red-eye, and your flight experience hinges on where you’ll be spending the next several hours. Seat selection is not merely about where you’ll park yourself; it’s crucial for a comfortable journey.

Choosing a seat can dictate legroom, proximity to lavatories, and the ability to recline — factors that can make or break a long-haul flight. For the conscientious traveler, the right seat is an integral part of the travel itinerary.

JetBlue Seat Selection Policy

jetblue seat selection fee

JetBlue’s policy is typically straightforward. You can select a seat during booking, at check-in, or anytime in between, and the cost varies. For Extra Comfort seats, this varies by flight length and demand. Blue Basic tickets, however, come with a seat assignment at check-in, which could mean being allocated a seat with less desirable qualities if you don’t opt to pay.

Selecting a seat on JetBlue is a delicate balance of value and comfort, and understanding this policy is key to smart spending.

Benefits of Seat Selection

Investing in seat selection offers multiple advantages. Comfort is the most obvious. An emergency exit row might offer the leg space needed for taller passengers, while a window seat could provide an uninterrupted journey to snoozeville for the weary traveler.

But there’s more. Choosing seats in advance can ensure that families or groups sit together, a reassurance that is invaluable for those travelling with loved ones. Additionally, selecting seats often comes with priority boarding, giving you first dibs on overhead bin space and a much-needed head start on stowing away your carry-on.

Critiques and Concerns

While seat selection is a boon for travelers, it’s not without its critics. Many consumers argue that additional fees for such essentials as choosing a seat are overly punitive, especially considering the high ticket prices, it tends to feel like an added sting.

Comparison with other airlines’ policies further fuels this debate. Some contend that avoiding JetBlue’s seat fees might sometimes mean opting for competitors who offer more inclusive seat selections, at least in the standard fare.

Tips for Minimizing Seat Selection Fees

There are ways to beat the system, though they may require a bit of pre-planning. Booking flights during sales or carefully selecting times of travel can increase the likelihood of bagging a better seat at a lower cost. Additionally, loyalty programs or credit card affiliations with JetBlue can occasionally yield complementary seat selection benefits.

For the budget-conscious, flexibility is the name of the game. If you’re not picky about where you sit, waiting until check-in might work in your favor.

Strategies for Selecting the Best Seat

When it comes down to choosing the ideal seat, there are several factors to consider. The time of year, the length of the flight, and the size of the aircraft can all play a role in optimal seat selection. For instance, a wing seat on a short flight might not be critical, but a seat at the front of the plane could mean an earlier exit upon arrival.

Moreover, different passengers have varying needs. For families with young children, seats with child-friendly amenities or those close to lavatories might be ideal. Solo travelers could find sanctuary in an aisle seat with fast access during the flight.

Case Study: Customer Experience

Let’s delve into a real-life scenario. Consider the account of a frequent traveler who, despite preferring an aisle seat due to mobility issues, was allocated a middle seat after opting for a Blue Basic fare. This passenger experienced the added stress and discomfort of a longer flight without the perks they usually rely on during travel.

On the flip side, a JetBlue Plus cardholder recounts the ease of seat selection across various flights, which included preferred seating at no additional charge, upgrading their overall flying experience without added costs.


Understanding JetBlue’s seat selection fee is a layer of the travel planning process that shouldn’t be overlooked. By familiarizing yourself with the policies, anticipating your needs, and staying informed about opportunities to save, you can take control of this aspect of your flying and ensure smoother, more customized journeys every time you fly with JetBlue.

Ultimately, it’s about finding balance. You want to enjoy your flight without feeling deprived of comfort, but you also don’t want to see your budget vanishing into thin air. With these insights and strategies in mind, you’re better equipped to make conscious choices that serve your needs while getting the most out of your investment in air travel. So next time you fly with JetBlue, remember to take advantage of seat selection for a more enjoyable flying experience. Keep exploring and happy travels!