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Know All About the Best Puncture Safe Tyres

Statistics confirm that puncture is one of the significant causes of accidents worldwide. There are many reasons for the puncturing of pneumatic tyres, from getting pierced by nails and other sharp objects on the road to driving on damaged roads. Hence, the recent report by the NHTSA or National Highway Traffic Safety Administration confirms that tyre-related issues cause over 35% of accidents. 

A recent survey by the Indian ministry confirms that 3,371 people were killed because of tyre bursts, with thousands more injured. Many such reports and surveys confirm that punctures and tyre-related problems are causing accidents. Hence the demand for puncture safe tyre is on the rise because of its many benefits. 

So, this article discusses puncture-safe tyres and their many benefits, like avoiding accidents even when pierced by sharp objects or driving through damaged roads. 


What are puncture safe tyres?

For over a century, pneumatic tires have provided smooth road rides worldwide. But one significant defect of driving on it is the dangers caused by punctures and tyre bursts. It is because these tyres are made of reinforced rubber filled with gas, mostly compressed air. 

If pierced by sharp objects on the roads or through other damages caused by driving on uneven and repaired roads, these tyres get punctured and could cause accidents. Also, it will make the driver and the passengers need to get out of the vehicle and replace the punctured tyre with a stepney or spare tyre. 

And for two-wheelers and cars not having it, it is necessary to bring the puncture-fixing persons or take the vehicle to their shops. It caused a lot of losses and waste of time, cost and effort, apart from causing many other issues because of the time delay and others. It is here that the puncture safe tyres come into play, but what are they?

The significant benefit of using puncture tyres is that they do not deflate when a puncture happens to the tyres. But how can puncture tyres, made of reinforced rubber using micro-cellular polyurethane, not defy when pierced with glass, nails, or other sharp things on the road? It is because of the special sealant formulated at the tread from the tyres’ inside during the composition. 

Hence, when a puncture happens on the tyres, the unique sealant fills the puncture hole as soon as the puncture-causing thing is removed from the threaded part. Therefore, the self-repair capacity of the puncture-safe tyres is the reason for not sweating it out to replace the punctured tyres or running to the nearest repair shop to fix it. 


What are the benefits of using puncture-safe tyres?

Unlike a few years ago, most autos apart from two-wheelers and four-wheelers have puncture-safe tyres. It is why even heavy-loaded auto tyre do not deflate even when punctured by sharp objects. There are many other benefits of using puncture-safe tyres, including the following. 

  • Avoids deflation of the punctured tyres, not being stranded in the middle of the road.
  • Prevents accidents of punctured vehicles being hit by other passing cars and trucks causing enormous damage.
  • Avoids spending crucial time on replacing the punctured tyre with a stepney or spare tyre.
  • Prevents running to the nearest repair shop to fix the puncture from driving again.

Saves time, cost and money spent on punctured tyres but can drive to destinations even with them

To know more about the benefits of puncture-safe tyres, contact the consultant of Metro Tyres, exporting auto tyres made from its 7 state-of-the-art facilities to over 50 countries.