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Know The Features of BIMO Crystal 12k Puffs

The BIMO Crystal 12k Puffs disposable vaporizers include a 20ml net capacity, a strong 550mah battery, and 12 delectable flavors for a simple and delightful vaping experience. BIMO Crystal 12k Puffs provide the greatest vaping experience imaginable. These disposable vapes are great for anybody looking for a hassle-free and convenient vaping experience, since they are intended to provide a smooth and satisfying vape. These vapes, which have a 20ml net capacity, are flavorful and nicotine-rich, providing a pleasurable and enduring dose. Our BIMO Crystal 12k Puffs disposable vaporizers, which have a powerful 550mah battery, offer a long-lasting hit that will not run out of energy quickly.

Key Features of BIMO Crystal 12k Puffs:

Large Capacity Battery: The BIMO Crystal 12k Puffs disposable vaporizers are furnished with a robust 550mah battery that guarantees an extended vaping session without frequent power outages.

Nicotine Options: To meet your vaping needs and preferences, choose between two nicotine strengths: 2% and 5%.

Small and Portable: These vapes are lightweight and portable, measuring only 6229105 mm in box and 565330280 mm in carton size.

Bulk Packaging: There are 200 pieces each carton, 10 pieces per box.

Lightweight: With a weight of about 18.5 kg, the carton is convenient to store and move.

BIMO Crystal 12k Flavor Options:

Blackberry Explosion Savor the delightfully tart and sweet flavor of blackberries, expertly blended to provide a cool and refreshing vaping experience.

2. Razz Ice Blue Savor the sweet and refreshing flavor of blue raspberries with a dash of menthol for a twist.

3. Snow Grape Enjoy the luscious, sweet flavor of grapes that transports you to a wintry paradise.

4. Coke Ice Savor the traditional cola flavor with a touch of menthol for a cold, revitalizing vape.

5. Exuberant Mint Refresh your senses with the cold, invigorating flavor of peppermint, which is ideal for vaping.

6. A Red Bull Inspired by the renowned energy drink, Red Bull has a robust and fruity flavor that will stimulate you.

7. Rose-flavored Lemonade Savor the tart and sweet flavor of pink lemonade, which is ideal for a cool summertime vaporizer.

8. Ice made from watermelon Enjoy the cool, fruity vape that comes from the sweet, refreshing flavor of watermelon combined with a trace of menthol.

9. Strawberry Frost Savor the juicy, sweet flavor of strawberries that is expertly tempered with a touch of menthol for a cool, refreshing vapor.

10. Peach mango Savor the unusual and delectable flavor of perfectly mixed mango and peach, creating a distinctive and delightful vaping experience.

11. Coconut Strawberry Savor the perfectly balanced combination of sweet and creamy strawberries and coconut for a cool, tropical vape.

12. Iced Strawberry Enjoy the cool, refreshing vape that comes from the sweet, fruity flavor of strawberries combined with a trace of menthol.

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The BIMO 8000 Puffs Buy Online Australia seems to be a really advanced vaporizer. Compared to rival items, it distinguishes out due to its high battery power and large net capacity. The choice of nicotine options is ideal for vapers looking for a bit more customisation. Its trendy style enhances the vaping experience. It seems to be a viable alternative for both new and seasoned vapers. The BIMO 8000 Puffs is a wonderful option for anybody looking for a high-quality vaporizer because of its many helpful functions, portable design, and diverse flavor selection.