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Learn About These WhatsApp Marketing Campaign Examples and Get Inspired

Developing relationships with consumers and motivating them with brand value are the cornerstones of WhatsApp Marketing Campaign. You shouldn’t send dull, generic, or sales-oriented messages to recipients merely because they use WhatsApp and are more inclined to open them.  


These WhatsApp Creatives could surely use some more ingenuity. Together, we can revamp these WhatsApp advertisements for your direct-to-consumer eCommerce companies and gain some ideas for promoting your own brands. 


As the CTO and co-founder of HubSpot, Dharmesh Shah, wisely advised, “Work on attracting instead of interrupting.” 


Because of this, marketers must come up with fresh concepts to connect with users on WhatsApp while continuing to send relevant material on a regular basis. To get you started, we’ve compiled a list of the most creative WhatsApp Marketing Campaign Examples below! 

Popular D2C Brands’ WhatsApp Marketing Campaigns 

We’ve provided a few WhatsApp marketing examples of effective eCommerce WhatsApp campaigns below, if you’re seeking ideas for your next campaign. These WhatsApp marketing messages examples were carried out on a tight budget, yielded larger returns, and were easier to implement. Now let’s move! 

  1. “A Personal Shopper” WhatsApp Marketing Campaign Examples

Supervisor – Flipkart 


The Indian e-commerce startup Flipkart Private Limited has grown to include food, electronics, home goods, and lifestyle items. One of the largest Indian online marketplaces nowadays, Flipkart faces out against Amazon, the industry leader. 



Flipkart sought to reach as many people as possible with maximum attention capture in order to generate excitement for its impending online sales event “Big Billion Days.” And WhatsApp is the ideal platform to drive real engagement and conversions amidst the cacophony of marketing channels. 


Flipkart employed a compelling method to establish an immediate connection with its customers in order to add intrigue to the campaign. It developed an interactive dialogue flow inspired by the well-known Indian television game show Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC), which is hosted by the legendary Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan (who personifies as a chatbot). 

They used all the various communication types that WhatsApp provides, including images, audio, videos, and emojis, to build rich-media interactions. 

Additionally, customers were able to learn more about the deal by playing games on WhatsApp with emojis and puzzles. 


After two weeks of WhatsApp marketing, the following data was revealed: 

  • 3.5 times as many conversions. 
  • 7 times as many high-quality visitors (judging by how long they stayed on the platform). 
  • $2.5 million in sales. 


  1. “WhatsCook” WhatsApp Marketing CampaignExamples

Supervisor – Hellmann’s 


The American company Hellmann’s is well-known for its premium range of food items, including sauce, salad dressing, ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, and other seasonings. Hellmann’s is regarded as the ideal mayonnaise maker as well. The product’s sweetness, smoothness, and consistency all contribute significantly to its perfection. 




Hellmann’s came to the realization that many members of their target market were clueless about what to make with the food in their refrigerator. In order to promote favorable brand association, the company sought to interact with consumers at that precise moment and contribute to the solution. 


With its “WhatsCook campaign,” Hellmann’s employed the messaging app WhatsApp to interact with its customers and provide them with a personalized experience. In order to interact with the chefs, participants in the campaign only needed to register on the brand’s website with their phone number. Chefs would suggest recipes utilizing Hellmann’s mayonnaise and people can submit photos of the ingredients they had on hand. Chefs would also provide pictures and films if something was unclear in the text. 

The campaign was started in Brazil, the country with the highest WhatsApp usage rate. This was purchased for just $900! Examine the return on investment they achieved with just $900 spent. 


After launching this campaign for ten days, Hellmann’s’s had amazing results: 

  • Half of all website users subscribed to the service. 
  • Five million individuals made direct contact with the brand. 
  • Individuals came up with innovative uses for Hellmann’s’s mayonnaise. 
  • 500 brand-new dishes made using Hellmann’s’s mayonnaise. 
  1. “Rent a Pred” WhatsApp Marketing CampaignExamples

Supervisor – Adidas 


Adidas, one of the biggest producers of sporting wear, designs and makes shoes, apparel, and accessories. But it is more than just a manufacturer of sporting goods; it has built a strong brand equity thanks to its unique brand personality, which is described as “positive, bold, undefeated, and confident.” 



As part of their shoe promotion effort, the sportswear company Adidas chose to target amateur football players in February 2020 and assist them in resolving particular problems. 


As part of their new campaign, Adidas used WhatsApp to develop a hotline to assist amateur football clubs with last-minute player replacements. 

Football clubs sometimes deal with player withdrawals—where there may not be a backup—when players withdraw right before a game. Adidas promised to use WhatsApp to locate a replacement as part of their promotion. 

The team only needs to provide the necessary details regarding the match in a message sent to this WhatsApp hotline. Adidas will send a premier football player to their match in exchange. 


Surprisingly, the six-day campaign, which had a defined target group, had remarkable outcomes. Adidas in particular generated a lot of talk in blogs, retail websites, football media, and other online spaces. 

  • Hire-a-Predators won 92% of the games that they played. 
  • In the series, the players scored 29 goals between them. 


  1. “I’ll bring you back your beloved clothes” WhatsApp Marketing CampaignExamples

Supervisor – Unilever 


Unilever is the reputable worldwide producer and distributor of rapid consumer goods. Their product portfolio includes everything important, from food and beverages to grooming, home care, and much more. To date, this international consumer goods corporation has developed around 400 brands, a few of which are Dove, Axe, and Lipton. 



In order to establish a low-cost, familiar connection with consumers, Unilever chose to debut its new brand, Comfort, in Brazil through the WhatsApp channel. They were thus searching for a fresh and original marketing strategy.  


Unilever used the chance to spread awareness of their new products by starting a dialogue portal with their audience. During the campaign, users could text the number shown, and “MadameBot,” a chatbot, would respond with advice on “how to care for the clothes.” In addition to offering advice, they used pictures and videos to introduce viewers to new products. Additionally, participants in the discussion received a 50% discount and free delivery on the new product. 

The company posted a WhatsApp number and the message “I’ll bring you back your beloved clothes” on more than 10,000 billboards throughout São Paulo. 


  • Sales grew fourteen times. 
  • 290K messages from 12,000 distinct clients were received. 


  1. “Beat the Crave” WhatsApp Marketing CampaignExamples

Supervisor – Saffola 


The Saffola brand has been the industry leader in edible oils in India for more than 30 years. With its revolutionary antioxidant system that boosts immunity, the brand has come to represent purity and consumer trust. With the use of LOSORBTM Technology, the products made by Saffola can reduce food’s absorption of oil by up to 50%, leading to healthier meals. 



Saffola chose to center their campaign around resisting the urge to go for unhealthy food in order to get more people to interact with their healthcare brand. They were introducing a new effective slimming product, and this was part of a bigger marketing. 


To promote better eating habits, Saffola created a WhatsApp chatbot. Every time a user felt like reaching for some comfort food, they could message this bot. In response, the chatbot attempted to divert the user’s attention by playing games, rapping, and playing recorded positive reinforcements, all in an effort to sell Suffola’s new active slimming drink. 

Users voluntarily joined up for the “Beat the Crave” campaign by providing their WhatsApp number on the Saffola website, which allowed them to contact the company’s “digital audio buddy.” Additionally, this friend prevented users from consuming unhealthy food, much like any good friend or expert trainer would. 

Users who texted the snack-craving bot would always receive an audio message or inspirational text to help them “beat the crave.” 


With over 1,60,000 visits to their microsite and 82,49,757 Facebook Reach, Saffola’s WhatsApp campaign was an overwhelming success. 

Over 6,000 people signed up for WhatsApp, the brand helped satisfy almost a million appetites, and—most importantly—sales increased by more than 500%, with return visits accounting for over 12% of the total. 

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  1. “Give Your Expert Advice” WhatsApp Marketing CampaignExamples

Supervisor – Persil Kufua 



The Henkel firm produces the well-known laundry detergent brand Persil, which is meant to provide exceptional whiteness and shine in all water temperatures. 



With the Persil brand introduction, Henkel aimed to raise consumer brand awareness, boost consumer-brand engagement, and cultivate a devoted brand following. 


The company requested consumers to submit 15-second videos of their finest washing advice via WhatsApp as part of the promotion. The top suggestions were then acknowledged and awarded Persil gift baskets. The goal and strategy were straightforward: to give customers a sense of belonging to the brand. 


The ad was a huge success thanks to the creative WhatsApp marketing, which encouraged collaboration and interaction. 

Gather Fast Customer Acquisition via WhatsApp Marketing 

There is no denying that WhatsApp has over 2 billion active users, making it an ideal platform for attracting new clients. 

The aforementioned WhatsApp campaign ideas all effectively illustrate how eCommerce firms are drawing in and interacting with customers throughout the world. 

  • Raising remarkable awareness of the brand. 
  • Delivering the greatest experience their client could hope for. 
  • Increasing client loyalty through interaction. 

All this ties into the broader theme that WhatsApp can be a potent tool for building customer relationships and driving eCommerce growth when used creatively and strategically. 

So, spread your D2C arms to embrace modern social media, and use conversational marketing to triple your company’s growth.  

WhatsApp has the highest message opening rate. Use your own creativity plus these WhatsApp Marketing Campaign Examples to your advantage by interacting with clients there. 

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What is WhatsApp Marketing Campaign? 

A WhatsApp marketing campaign is an advertising campaign that uses the WhatsApp platform to communicate with and market to potential and existing customers. This type of marketing is also known as WhatsApp advertising, WhatsApp promotional messages, Conversational marketing, Chat marketing, and Social marketing. 

How to create marketing campaign on WhatsApp? 

WebMaxy WhatsApp Business API. This Marketing Platform allows you to create and manage:  

  1. Automated workflows to target new customers.
  2. Retargeting campaigns that target ads to users who have interacted with your content on any platform.

With an easy integration process, you can leverage highly advanced Marketing and Sales Improvement Tools to make you a recognisable brand. 

What are the benefits of WhatsApp marketing campaign? 

All things considered, WhatsApp marketing automation is a popular platform for businesses to market their brands and increase sales because of its many advantages, which include direct client communication, low cost, and a high degree of engagement. 

How do I create a WhatsApp advertising campaign? 

You can publish Facebook and Instagram ads that direct users to your WhatsApp chat through the WhatsApp Business app. You can customise these adverts to fit your business requirements. Choose a target audience, decide on a budget and runtime, and use pictures for your advertisement. 

You can generate ads that show up on Facebook and Instagram if your WhatsApp Business account is connected to a Facebook account or page. 

You can also use your email address to create promotional material even if you don’t have a Facebook page or account. These advertisements will run on Instagram and Facebook.