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In the ever-evolving digital landscape, WhatsApp has emerged as a powerful tool for businesses to connect with their audience. With over 2 billion active...
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Leverage the power of WhatsApp automation: Tips for marketers (2024)


Over the last few years, WhatsApp has gained enormous popularity as an instant messaging platform. As per the report, WhatsApp has over 2.7 billion monthly active users.  

From this, you can understand the power WhatsApp holds right now for businesses. Many businesses have started using the WhatsApp business platform to connect with customers. 

The best thing about WhatsApp business is that it’s not a platform that came into existence and businesses started using it. WhatsApp actually deliver results! 

As per the statistics, WhatsApp has an average open rate of 98% and a response rate of 40% which is much higher than SMS and Email. 

WhatsApp has transformed the way businesses connect with customers. Additionally, WhatsApp automation has led to an easier lead nurturing and conversion process.  

In this blog, we will discuss in detail about WhatsApp automation and its use cases. First, let’s start by understanding what WhatsApp automation is.   

What is WhatsApp automation? 

Automation refers to automating repetitive and mundane tasks. WhatsApp automation means automating bulk message sending, alerts, notifications, offers, and so on.  

WhatsApp automation can be done using the WhatsApp Business App or WhatsApp Business API. It helps to automate support chats with customers to a certain extent.  

You can set up WhatsApp automated messages. This way when a customer sends you a message, they’ll receive a reply automatically without human intervention.  

This feature enables you to respond to customers quickly even when your support team isn’t available. This way you can enhance customer experience and increase satisfaction.  

However, for more advanced WhatsApp automation, you need to use tools like WebMaxy WhatsApp Commerce 

We’ll talk about WhatsApp marketing tools in the later section. Now, let’s discuss the advantages of WhatsApp automation.  

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Advantages of WhatsApp automation  

There are many advantages of automating WhatsApp for business that we have mentioned below: 

  • Reduced response time: WhatsApp automations help to reduce response time as it sends pre-set replies to customers for common queries. 
  • Save time and effort: By automating replies, you can save time of your support agents which they can invest in other valuable tasks. 
  • Customer support 24/7: Automation WhatsApp helps you to be available to customers 24/7. Customers will receive a reply whether they text you on weekdays or weekends. 
  • Increases engagement: WhatsApp has a higher engagement rate than SMS and emails. With WhatsApp automation, you can increase engagement and get more customers to your business. 
  • Drive conversions: WhatsApp automation helps to improve the experience of customers with your business. This leads them to make a purchase from your brand. 
  • Scalability: WhatsApp business automation enables you to scale effortlessly as it can handle and reply to many customer queries at the same time. 

10 best use cases of WhatsApp automation  

WhatsApp automation helps businesses stand out in the competitive market. Here, we will tell you the best use cases of WhatsApp automation.  

  1. Run WhatsApp campaigns 

With WhatsApp automation, you can create WhatsApp campaigns to reach out to your target audience. You can segment your customers based on demographics, interests, and behaviors.  

Then, you can send out different messages to segmented groups. This way you’ll be able to deliver personalized messages and get more conversions. Further, you can sort out chats with no response and send them follow-up messages.  

WhatsApp automation helps you manage your customers throughout the funnel effortlessly. You can push customers ahead in their buying journey and drive sales.  

  1. Welcome new customers


WhatsApp automation can help you automate messages to welcome new customers. You can start the conversation as soon as a customer contacts your business on WhatsApp.  

You can send out a message giving a brief about your business and its offerings. Here is an example of NEWME and the WhatsApp message they sent to customers to welcome them.  

  1. Sending out away messages 

Away messages are sent to customers when they text beyond your business working hours. This WhatsApp message helps to convey to customers that you have received their message and you’ll respond within working hours.  

This feature is great for keeping customers informed. You can engage customers even when your support team isn’t available and ensure no customer goes unaddressed.  

  1. Send delayed notifications 

Customers get frustrated if they don’t receive a reply or aren’t informed for a long time. You can send automated WhatsApp messages to customers and tell them that you can’t address them immediately.   

In case, your support representatives are busy, you can tell customers the time frame in which they’ll be able to attend them. Customers appreciate clear communication and the honesty of a brand.  

  1. Set auto-replies for FAQs 

WhatsApp automation enables you to handle FAQs easily. You can create and set auto-replies for commonly asked questions. You can also save these responses so that your support agents can use them if required in any conversation.  

  1. Share order tracking details 


WhatsApp marketing automation helps you to share order tracking details with customers easily. You can send automated WhatsApp messages to customers giving them the order no. and tracking details. Have a look at the example of Ravel below.  

  1. Share discounts and offers 


WhatsApp automation helps you to send messages to customers related to sales, discounts, and offers. You can send promotional messages to customers and entice them to make purchases.  

WhatsApp has a high open rate. Therefore, there are more chances of driving sales through it. You can also notify customers about the exclusive discounts or offers available to them. See how Nat Habit has sent end-of-the-year sales messages to its customers.  

  1. Abandoned cart recovery

Many times customers add products to the cart but exit without making the purchase. It can be due to any reason but you can recover the abandoned cart customers with WhatsApp automation.  

You can segment the abandoned cart customers and send them personalized messages on WhatsApp. Send free shipping and limited-time offers to encourage customers to make the purchase.  

  1. Post-purchase support 

According to statistics, 96% of customers leave a brand if they don’t get good support. You must provide post-sales support if you want to retain your customers for a long time.  

You can set automated WhatsApp messages for queries that customers might have after the delivery of your product like exchange or return policy. You can guide them on how to go about it.  

  1. Ask for feedback and review

With WhatsApp automation, you can take customer feedback. After a few days of purchase, you can send automated WhatsApp messages and ask customers to provide feedback.  

Taking customer feedback will help you know the scope of improvement. You can find out the areas where your customers might be facing problems and make changes accordingly.  

How to do WhatsApp automation?  

You can do WhatsApp automation with WebMaxy WhatsApp commerce. This WhatsApp automation tool not only allows you to automate messages but handles a large volume of queries as well. Now, we will discuss in detail about the features of WebMaxy WhatsApp commerce. 

  • Create WhatsApp campaigns: Reach out to customers and tell them about your products or services. Target them with personalized messages and motivate them to make purchases. 
  • Automate FAQs & alerts: Set automated replies for common queries and ensure quick responses to customers. Create automated alerts for COD confirmations, abandoned carts, sales offers, etc. 
  • Upsell and Cross-sell: Retarget your existing customers and encourage them to make repeat purchases. Send product recommendations similar to their past purchases and increase sales. 
  • Omnichannel Support: Reply to all customer queries on WhatsApp from a single dashboard. Add multiple support representatives to WhatsApp commerce and assign them queries based on their expertise. 

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WhatsApp automation: The conclusion  

WhatsApp automation makes it easy for marketers to get customers directly through WhatsApp. You can automate chat and ensure no customer goes unaddressed at any time.  

A WhatsApp automation tool like WebMaxy WhatsApp Commerce comes with more advanced features. You can create workflows to target customers at different stages of their buying journey.   

You can segment your target customers and send personalized messages. This will help you enhance customer experience with your brand and boost sales. WebMaxy WhatsApp Commerce lets you sell directly through WhatsApp and increase revenue.  

Automate WhatsApp messages and never miss a lead again! 

WebMaxy WhatsApp Commerce helps you create workflows to engage with customers easily. 

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WhatsApp automation FAQs 

Is it possible to automate WhatsApp? 

Yes, it is possible to automate WhatsApp with WhatsApp Business App, WhatsApp Business API, and third-party automation tools. You can automate WhatsApp messages for order confirmation, abandoned carts, delivery updates, and so on. You get some basic features in WhatsApp business but for advanced features, you need to opt for third-party tools like WhatsApp Commerce, DelightChat, Wati, etc. 

Is WhatsApp Automation free? 

WhatsApp automation is free if you choose to use WhatsApp Business App. However, you only get basic features in it such as quick replies, away messages, and labels. If you want advanced features like workflows, chatbots, and shared inbox then you need to opt for a paid WhatsApp automation tool. 


How does WhatsApp automation works? 

WhatsApp automation allows you to send automated messages, notifications, and updates to customers on WhatsApp. You can pre-set replies and engage with customers even when your support team isn’t available. WhatsApp automation helps to save time and effort of support team which they can invest in other important tasks. 


Which is the best WhatsApp automation tool? 

WhatsApp Commerce by WebMaxy is the best WhatsApp automation tool. It enables you to create WhatsApp campaigns and target customers at different buying journey stages. You can segment customers and send personalized messages to push them ahead in the funnel.  This WhatsApp automation tool enables you to provide round-the-clock support and convert customers directly through WhatsApp.