Simplify Receipt & Label Printing with Thermal Papers

Thermal papers are widely recognized as the leading printing medium today for labels and receipts. At Master Distributors, we stock a wide range of...
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Looking for High-quality Thermal Paper Rolls Near you?

Thermal paper is an excellent printing medium used across various industries today. It has become the go-to choice for businesses in various aspects and has replaced traditional ink printing.

Thermal papers are widely used in various materials like labels, receipts, packaging, ATM rolls, etc.

Master Distributors is the leading wholesaler and distributor of thermal paper rolls in Canada and the US. We source high-quality and cost-effective thermal paper rolls from the leading manufacturers to fulfill the needs of businesses. We stock thermal paper rolls of various sizes and configurations to fit all your requirements.

Benefits of Using Thermal Paper Rolls

Thermal paper rolls are far more convenient than traditional papers, but there are many more advantages to them:

●     Cost-efficiency

Thermal printing relies on heat from the printer head, rather than ink. Thus, your business can save more in the long haul by relying on thermal printing.

●     Fast Printing

In industries such as dining and hospitality, delays in printing receipts can directly impact customer experience. By switching to thermal printing, you can reduce your print time to milliseconds.

●     Durability

Thermal printers don’t consist of moving parts, making them more durable than traditional inkjet printers that require regular maintenance of their moving parts.

●     High-quality

Businesses that print receipts and labels in huge volumes need high-quality print dependency with precise prints free of smears. Thermal papers offer just that.

Our products help businesses achieve their day-to-day goals and maximize efficiency. Call 888-905-7008 or send an email to and tell us about your printing needs.

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