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Mahindra 415 DI Tractor 40 HP, 2WD- Tractorgyan

The Mahindra 415 DI stands proud with an impressive 40 HP engine, fortified by a 36 HP Power Take-Off (PTO) operating at 1900 rpm. With a displacement of 2730 CC and an 8 Forward + 2 Reverse Gearbox, this tractor boasts an array of remarkable specifications that have propelled it into the hearts of many, securing its place as one of the most revered and top-selling models in the market. The Mahindra 415 DI is propelled by a highly efficient engine, a driving force that not only guarantees exceptional performance but also showcases its robustness across a spectrum of applications. Its adaptability to diverse tasks transforms it into an invaluable asset on the field, providing reliability and boosting productivity for farmers and agricultural enthusiasts alike. However, what truly distinguishes the Mahindra 415 DI is its innovative design, shattering records and drawing attention wherever it ventures. The tractor’s captivating exterior isn’t just for appearances; it reflects the engineering excellence that resides within. This design doesn’t merely contribute to its visual allure but also plays a pivotal role in optimizing performance across various terrains. Regardless of the ground it traverses, the Mahindra 415 DI pledges exceptional performance, showcasing its prowess in diverse farming operations.