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Main Methods You Have in Mississauga for Weed Consumption

Marijuana in Mississauga that weed enthusiasts buy has different methods of consumption. Further, the best method to try in Mississauga for weed consumption is dependent on your needs and preferences. Additionally, all methods of consuming cannabis have their unique characteristics. For the same reason, the main methods of weed consumption are more or less apt for some cannabis users. In any case, we are going to tell you about the four main methods of marijuana consumption.

Four Main Methods of Weed Consumption 

The following are the four main methods of weed consumption that you may try in Mississauga as a cannabis enthusiast:


Inhalation is the fastest method of marijuana delivery to weed users. Besides, most cannabis aficionados prefer consuming weed in this way. Once marijuana users inhale cannabis, the majority of cannabinoids enter their body through the lungs. Then, those cannabinoids pass along directly into the consumers’ bloodstream. Further, the effects are also instantaneous for cannabis users who consume weed through inhalation. 

Moreover, consuming cannabis via inhalation proves beneficial to some medical marijuana users. It is because inhaling cannabis let them benefit the same way that an inhaler benefits people with asthma attacks. Moreover, another noticeable benefit of inhaling marijuana is that the titration of one’s dose becomes easier to avoid overconsuming cannabis.

Further, the two methods of marijuana inhalation include smoking and vaping. Smoking weed entails burning cannabis flowers and inhaling their active components. Contrarily, vaping includes the heating of cannabis to a specific temperature to release the plant’s active ingredients. Besides, vaping is also a healthier alternative to smoking because it does not irritate your throat and lungs.


Besides inhalation, it is possible to consume weed orally. Besides, you also have diverse options to consume weed orally, like edibles, tinctures, capsules, etc. Moreover, orally ingesting weed leads to slower results when it comes to experiencing the weed high. 

Nonetheless, the effects will also be stronger and last longer if you choose to consume weed orally. Further, people who choose this method in Mississauga for weed consumption report they experience the high within thirty minutes to an hour or longer. Furthermore, the high can last for as long as six hours if you consume weed orally. 


Another method of weed consumption is sublingual. In order to consume weed sublingually, you place marijuana-based products under a tongue or hold them within your mouth. Besides, marijuana can also enter the bloodstream if you consume weed-based products sublingually. Some common examples of marijuana-based products for sublingual use include the following:

  1. Dissolvable Strips

  2. Sublingual Sprays

  3. Medical Lozenges or Tinctures

Besides, Sativex is a clinically-approved cannabinoid medication with natural cannabinoids, delivered as a sublingual spray.


Another main method of marijuana consumption is a topical application. Besides, topicals come in many forms, such as lotions, salves, bath salts, and oils. Cannabis users apply the topical directly to the skin for the skin to absorb it and benefit from it. You may also not know that our skin has a relatively intricate absorption. Further, it is contingent on the skin’s ability to dissolve into water.  

Moreover, the application of topicals to the skin lets cannabinoids penetrate the skin and work to mitigate pain and inflammation. This method is also very popular among old cannabis users, as it works well against localized pain. What’s more? It is also a non-psychoactive method to benefit from marijuana without the high. Additionally, individuals who use topical patches for pain relief benefit from them within two hours of their application.

These are the major methods of weed consumption, which you may buy from a weed dispensary, such as DoorBud. Besides, you can easily find cannabis flowers, concentrates, edibles, and vapes in reputable cannabis dispensaries.


You have different methods to get your hands on weed that you may buy from a cannabis dispensary. You may also try those methods if you have not tried one as a cannabis enthusiast in Mississauga. Moreover, here are the four main methods you have that you may try in Mississauga for weed consumption:

  1. Inhalation
  2. Oral
  3. Sublingual.
  4. Topical

Additionally, you can easily find the following marijuana products in a weed dispensary: Flowers, concentrates, edibles, and vapes. Lastly, you buy weed from an esteemed weed dispensary to ensure you are getting high-quality weed for consumption.