Audiobooks and eBooks: Why They Matter

The vast majority of books are read in print – around 80 percent. But as book publicity experts can tell you, it doesn't mean you...
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Market Your Book and Have Long-Term Success

Wise businesspeople today become authors and benefit from their book publicity campaigns in many ways. One of the best things is their longevity, and you can thank the internet. Wherever you make a publicity appearance, whether in traditional media or online, it remains viewable or readable for years to come. Better still, most articles and videos come up in online search results and can introduce you to new audience members (and potential clients) for years. If you’ve watched your competitors write books and move ahead of you, it’s clear what you need to do to catch up and prevail in business.

People, including the media and bloggers, view authors as experts in their fields. With a book, you will be called on for interviews and comments about news related to your expertise. Doors that previously remained closed will open, and you’ll be invited to give speeches and presentations. It supports the theory of writing a high-quality book and giving it all the advantages of titles produced by traditional publishers. It means professional editing, excellent cover design, a well-written title, and, for nonfiction books, a descriptive subtitle. You want to give your book every chance of becoming successful.

Effective book marketing campaigns don’t happen by accident and require careful planning. It begins with identifying your target audience and determining what they read and watch. When you know where to find them, it then relies on earning coverage and getting across your key messages in compelling ways. Other authors are competing for your readers, and the trick is convincing them your book is the best choice for what they are hoping to learn. For novelists and other fiction authors, appearing in video interviews where people get to know you can spark their interest in buying and reading your work.

Book tours today exist online as much as they do in person. Virtual tour stops allow you to reach audiences regardless of their location and yours. It has dramatically expanded the reach of book promotion, reduced costs, and cut the time commitment. At the same time, some authors still go in person on book tours. If you have an outgoing personality and build relationships quickly, you can appear or attend a book signing and win over new fans. When you’re a businessperson with a nonfiction book, many readers become potential customers as you gently promote your company.

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