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Master Vulnerability Assessment in Cloud with DiscoverCloud

In the dynamic realm of cloud technology, organizations are constantly seeking ways to fortify their digital infrastructure, and one crucial aspect is cloud security. DiscoverCloud steps into this arena as a trusted ally, offering a comprehensive suite of services and accelerators that bolster cloud defenses and drive business growth.


Imagine a scenario where a business operates in the cloud, leveraging its immense potential. However, with the digital landscape becoming increasingly complex, safeguarding data and infrastructure is paramount. In comes DiscoverCloud, equipped with a suite of services designed to provide a robust Vulnerability Assessment in Cloud.


The DiscoverCloud Journey

The journey commences with a meticulous analysis of the organization’s cloud infrastructure. Leveraging advanced application profiling and modernization accelerators within the Cloud Control Plane, Eficens DiscoverCloud tailors its approach to match the unique ecosystem of each client.


After profiling the cloud workloads, the Cloud Operations Plane takes over, offering comprehensive cloud operations support. This includes automated toolchains and real-time monitoring of applications, data, and infrastructure. The result is akin to having vigilant sentinels safeguarding digital assets around the clock.


DiscoverCloud’s commitment extends to optimizing cloud resources economically. The Cloud Economic Plane provides financial advisory services tailored to workload patterns and infrastructure needs. It’s not just about security; it’s about cost-effective security.


With Eficens DiscoverCloud managing cloud operations, organizations can shift their focus to core business objectives. The burden of cloud management is lifted, allowing resources to be channeled into innovation and growth.


But the journey doesn’t end with security and efficiency. DiscoverCloud accelerates and modernizes the innovation journey. Their accelerators are more than mere tools; they’re strategic assets.


First in the arsenal is SAP Assist, a unique accelerator simplifying SAP migrations to the AWS Cloud. It empowers migrations with AI insights, aligns with best practices, and ensures seamless transitions.


Next up is Traverse, a workload discovery and visualization tool that provides in-depth insights into AWS Cloud deployments. It’s the trusted guide in the complex terrains of Cloud Operations, SecOps, and DevOps.


Finally, there’s Trekora, the cloud cost optimizer. It meticulously examines cloud expenditure, offering cost-saving recommendations and transparent visibility. With Trekora, organizations maintain control over their financial cloud journey.


DiscoverCloud goes beyond offering services; they forge strategic partnerships with industry-leading cloud providers like AWS, GCP, and Azure. This ensures access to unparalleled service and expertise.


Ready to work together?

In a world where technology continually reshapes businesses, Eficens DiscoverCloud stands as a strategic co-pilot. They navigate the complexities of cloud management while accelerating innovation processes. This holistic approach mitigates financial, operational, and technological challenges, propelling organizations toward accelerated business outcomes.


For organizations ready to fortify cloud defenses and unlock the full potential of their digital transformation journey, DiscoverCloud is the answer. They aren’t just a cloud service provider; they’re the co-pilot for achieving accelerated business outcomes and simplifying cloud complexity.