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Maximize the Opportunity for a Book Signing

Whether it’s online or in-person, fans enjoy meeting authors. It’s easy to see how book signing events benefit sales – and they establish goodwill with the retailers where they are held. Book marketing services pros understand the value, and if you’re planning a signing, let their dos and don’ts guide your planning. Like nearly everything else, you’ll do better if you plan ahead and follow an organized approach. Stores book their calendars months in advance, and you also want time to promote the event sufficiently. It’s generally most helpful if authors and retailers both promote to their lists.

The classic book signing is a desk set up in a focal point of the store with the author seated and fans waiting in line to have their books signed. There’s nothing wrong with following such a format if you’re already well-known and will attract a crowd. But it’s a nice touch to begin the event by making brief remarks or giving a presentation (yes, videos and projected materials can be helpful). It may require coordinating with the store in advance to ensure you have a microphone or podium available. It will make a better impression on fans if your appearance is carefully planned and organized.

You want fans to buy books for you to sign or bring copies they’ve purchased recently. But people like other items, and there’s nothing wrong with having promotional materials you give out as you sign the books. If they are flyers, stores where you will appear, can give them out with purchases one or two weeks before your event to help spread the word. You can cross-promote on your social media, blog, podcasts, or website calendar. Broadening the reach of your marketing materials can help ensure a better crowd. It will reflect well on you, help you sell more books, and please the retailer involved.

If you have a publicist who can book the event, you may make more than one stop in a day or connect a signing at a bookstore with a media appearance. When booking in-store events yourself, work four to six months in advance and begin by contacting the store’s event or promotions manager. All retailers are trying to find ways to entice people to their stores and increase traffic. You’ll immediately be in their good graces if you can attract a crowd to a book signing. Signing books that people can buy on the spot also helps increase the store’s revenue for that day. Ensure they have ample stock if you draw a crowd.

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