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Maximizing Sales Potential: How WhatsApp Catalogue Boosts Business Growth


With 60 billion messages sent daily by over 2 billion users worldwide, WhatsApp has completely transformed the way companies communicate with their customers. With an enterprise-grade API for WhatsApp Commerce, businesses can now display their goods and services, accept orders straight from WhatsApp, automate alerts and notifications, such as, inventory updates, product delivery status, and provide a flawless customer experience. 


What is WhatsApp Catalogue? 


Businesses can use WhatsApp Catalogue for creating and sharing Catalogues of their goods and services. Without ever leaving WhatsApp, customers can explore your Catalogue, discover more about your offerings, and even place orders. 

WhatsApp Catalogue allows you to showcase your products right within the app. You can add products, group them into several categories, and give them comprehensive details. Your customers will find it even simpler to locate the goods they’re seeking for as a result. 

You can share the following data in the product Catalogue: 


  • Product picture 
  • Name of goods or services 
  • Cost 
  • Product or Service overview 
  • URL of the website 
  • Code for goods or services 


Benefits of Using WhatsApp Business Catalogue 


WhatsApp Catalogue has a lot of advantages, some of them are mentioned in the below table: 



Receive 4x Sales 

Customers can explore and buy your products on WhatsApp more easily with the help of WhatsApp Catalogue, which will help you improve sales. 

Enhanced Client Support 

By giving clients an easy way to find out more about your goods and services and by automating their inquiries with a WhatsApp Chatbot, you can enhance customer support. 

Worldwide Reach 

With WhatsApp Catalogue, you can contact over 2.4 billion consumers worldwide and offer your goods and services. This greatly expands your market reach. 

Increase Recognition of your Brand 

With WhatsApp Catalogue, you can increase brand recognition by providing potential buyers with a precise overview of your offerings. 


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How to Create Catalogue in WhatsApp? 

Before anything else: a WhatsApp Business account is required in order to understand how to add Catalogue in whatsapp business. It serves as a gateway to the expansive WhatsApp Commerce ecosystem. Go to WhatsApp Business and download the application. After installation, setting everything up is simple: just register your company phone number, provide your company information, and you’re good to go! 

WhatsApp Catalogues can be created in two different ways: 

  1. WhatsApp Business App(Limited Features Due to WhatsApp Business Catalogue Limit) 
  2. WhatsApp Business API(Exponential Customisable Features) 

Let’s examine how to use these two approaches for WhatsApp Commerce: 

  1. WhatsApp Business App

By taking the actions listed below, you can use the WhatsApp Business App to create a Catalogue: 

1: Launch the Business version of WhatsApp. 

2: Tap the three dots located in the screen’s upper right corner. 

3: Choose “Settings.” 

4: Select “Business tools.” 

5: Select “Catalogue.” 

6: Select “Create Catalogue.” 

7: Give your Catalogue a name. 

8: Expand your Catalogue by adding goods and services. 

9: Determine the cost of your goods and services. 

10: Include pictures of your goods and services. 

11: Save the Catalogue. 

After creating your Catalogue, you can quickly distribute it to clients by following below mentioned steps: 

1: Launch the Business version of WhatsApp. 

2: Start a conversation with a client. 

3: Press the symbol for the attachment. 

4: Click “Catalogue.” 

5: Choose the Catalogue you want to distribute. 

6: Send the Catalogue to the client. 

Downsides of WhatsApp Business App 

While using the WhatsApp Business App to create a WhatsApp Catalogue is quite simple, there are some drawbacks as well: 

  • Automating the WhatsApp Catalogue is not possible with a connected WhatsApp Chatbot. The Catalogue must be manually sent. 
  • The purpose of the business app was to precisely cater to small businesses’ needs. The WhatsApp Business App is probably not the best option for businesses trying to reach a large audience. 

Note: However, WhatsApp Business API is the ideal way to get around these issues.  

Let’s take a closer look at the WhatsApp Catalogue API. 

  1. WhatsApp Business API

WebMaxy WhatsApp Commerce, the Smartest WhatsApp Engagement tool and WhatsApp Catalogue maker, based on official WhatsApp Business APIs, makes it simple to establish WhatsApp Catalogues using the WhatsApp Catalogue API. 

Benefits of Using WebMaxy WhatsApp Commerce 


Lead generation tools 

Global Reach 

Improved customer care 

Quick replies 

Improve Catalogue sales 

Advanced customer messaging features 


Payment links on whatsapp 

Powering conversations 


Affordable pricing 

Automated messaging 

Enhanced customer communication 

Helps with automation 

2-Way communication 

Integrated customer profile 

Interactive messages 

Multiple logins 

Streamlined workflows 

Transforming marketing 

Valuable insights 

WhatsApp Broadcast 

WhatsApp Business API 


Note: Additionally, clients can offer specific recommendations to WebMaxy developers for integration into their API. 

Tips to Create Best WhatsApp Catalogue 

It’s time to get started making your own WhatsApp Catalogue now that you understand what it is and how it functions.  

The following table can help you make a WhatsApp Catalogue that is appealing to a large number of users: 



Using High-Quality Photos 

Adding images to your Catalogue is an excellent approach to draw in customers and improve its aesthetic appeal. Make sure the photos you use accurately depict your products and services and are of a high quality. 

Make Sure your Catalogue is Current 

Keep your Catalogue updated with the newest arrivals because customers want to see your newest offerings. 

Make Descriptions that are Precise and Succinct 

Be precise, succinct, and clear when describing your goods and services. Declaring the advantages of your features, as opposed to just listing them, will increase interest in your goods and services. 

Include Offers and Discounts 

Offer discounts and promotions to draw in new clients and persuade current ones to make a purchase because everyone enjoys a good deal. 

Answer Questions from Clients Politely and Promptly 

Consumers value timely and polite responses from businesses. Aim to reply to consumer questions within a day, and maintain a courteous and accommodating demeanour at all times. A WhatsApp Chat Bot can also be employed in order to automate your support requests. 



The WebMaxy WhatsApp Catalogue API represents an overhaul in the way companies approach online sales. The path to purchase is now easier and more direct than ever, thanks to the seamless integration of Catalogues into WhatsApp conversations. Our exploration of cutting-edge tactics, best practices, and emerging trends highlights the platform’s critical role in transforming sales procedures and client engagement. 

The time to act is now. Putting the WhatsApp Catalogue API into practice is a step toward future-proofing your company. It’s an investment in building the best possible customer experience, one that not only satisfies but anticipates your customers’ desires.  

All set to improve your online storefront? Transform your customers’ journey from browsing to purchasing by implementing the WhatsApp Catalogue API right now. Venture towards digital brilliance by exploring the vast array of resources available at WebMaxy and start off strong with your eCommerce journey! 

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What is a catalog on WhatsApp? 


A WhatsApp catalog is a feature in the WhatsApp Business app that allows businesses to showcase their products and services to customers. 


How to make catalogue on WhatsApp? 


To create a catalog on WhatsApp Business, you can do the following: 
– Open the WhatsApp Business app 
– Tap the three vertical dots in the top right corner 
– Select Settings > Business Tools > Catalog 
– Select Add new item 
– Tap the plus icon and select Add images 
– Select Gallery to upload images or Camera to take new photos 
– Enter the product or service name and any optional details 
– Tap Save 


How to add catalogue in WhatsApp business? 

To connect a catalog to your WhatsApp Business account, you can do the following: 
– Go to Business Manager and select your business 
– Click WhatsApp Manager 
– Select the account you want to connect a catalog to 
– In the left-hand menu, click Catalog 
– Click Choose a catalog 
– Select the catalog you want to connect from the drop-down menu 
– Click View catalog if you want to manage or view the catalog 
– Click Connect catalog 

How do I create a WhatsApp business catalog? 

To create a WhatsApp Business catalog, you can try these steps: 
– Open the WhatsApp Business app 
– Select the more options icon in the top right corner 
– Go to Settings > Business tools > Catalog 
– Select Add new item 
– Select the plus icon, then Add images 
– Select Gallery to upload images or Camera to take new photos 
– Enter the product or service name and any optional details, such as price, description, website link, and product/service code 
– Select Save 

What is the WhatsApp Business catalog limit? 

The WhatsApp Business catalog limit is 500 products or services. Each product can have up to 10 images and five main fields, including: Product name, Product price, Product description, We bsite link, and Product code.