A Spotlight on Mikko Pakkanen and Hugo Sluimer’s Business Ventures and Record Real Estate Sale

Hugo Sluimer and Mikko Pakkanen are investors and public figures that buy and sell real estate in Miami-Dade County, Florida, through Blue Key Investments,...
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Mika Junnila and 6 other Finnish nationals connected to Blue Key Investments, LLC record sale.

Newly-unearthed documents indicate a link between Finnish national Mika Junnila, the Chief Executive Officer of F9 Distribution Oy, and the contentious Blue Key Investment, LLC. Public records allude to allegations that Mikko Pakkanen and Hugo Sluimer, both members of Blue Key Investments, played a role in a multimillion-dollar money laundering and tax evasion scheme via the firm and multiple offshore entities. Evidence suggests Junnila’s membership within Blue Key Investments, LLC and several other Finnish nationals.

The 7 Finns and Hugo Sluimer allegedly bought Miami Beach’s pearl the Setai PH B for $15 million and sold it for a cool $27 million generating a $12 million gross profit. Allegedly the profits were siphoned off through offshore companies.

According to sources, Sluimer, who was allegedly the offshore lender,  diverted profits from Blue Key Investments, LLC through opaque offshore entities, ensuring tax-free returns for himself and other Finnish investors in contravention of US tax laws. The funds he lent out to Blue Key Investments, LLC belonged to the Finnish investors and himself and not to a 3rd party unrelated lender. Sluimer had previously asserted that he could not hold membership or shareholder status within Blue Key Investments, LLC without jeopardizing the tax scheme as he was supposed to be an unrelated offshore lender. However, existing documents confirm he was also a stakeholder in the US businesses. Hugo Sluimer was allegedly chosen as the offshore lender because the Finns had very close ties to each other and it would be too obvious. Sluimer was new to the group and had never done any business with the Finns making him a good candidate. Sluimer has the most dangerous position of all as he allegedly was responsible for money laundering and tax evasion for all of the Finns and himself. 

Sluimer’s Emails confirm a “Clean formula” existed and that he may have been the offshore lender:

Sluimer seems to clearly be alarmed by the email and requests confidentiality multiple times but refuses to disclose the ingredients of the “Clean Formula” which raises suspicion. 

Mr. Junnila was asked to respond to the allegations via email but no reply was received. Simultaneously, Hugo Sluimer outed severe threats and consequences, seemingly in an effort to quell details tied to the alleged financial wrongdoings.  It is not clear if Junnila had any involvement in Sluimer’s threats but the timing is suspicious. The depth of Mr. Junnila’s association with the purported financial infractions and threat remain uncertain and warrants further examination.

In total 7 Finnish and 1 Dutch National(s) are connected to Blue Key Investments, llc: 

It is important to note that everyone was given an opportunity to respond to the allegations and explain their involvement but no responses.

  1. Ilpo Raiskila, F9 Distribution OY (Finland)
  2. Kaj Valve, F9 Distribution OY (Finland)
  3. Jukka Tapaninen, AIFORIA (Finland)
  4. Janne Keskinen, BLUE KEY INVESTMENTS, LLC (Finland, FLORIDA)
  5. Mirjami Keskinen, BLUE KEY INVESTMENTS, LLC (Finland, FLORIDA)
  6. Mikko Pakkanen, E-BROS OY (Finland, Monaco) Allegedly Invested 15 million in Blue key investments and is the brain behind the scheme according to Hugo Sluimer.
  7. Mika Junnila, F9 Distributions (Finland)

8 Hugo Sluimer, Swiss Boulevard Investments S.A. PANAMA (Netherlands, Dominican Republic). Alleged offshore lender to and Member of Blue Key Investments,LLC.

Not surprisingly, Hugo Sluimer’s company director is Paul Michel van Lienden of ICS is named in some of the largest fraud, corruption, tax evasion and money laundering cases on the planet. Sluimer confirmed that ICS set up the “Clean Formula” in a recorded conversation.

Mikko Pakkanen also uses ICS to manage his companies such as Restinver Investments limited which also owns Beachouse Maritime Limited which holds a 130 foot Mangusta yacht named Beachouse.

Sluimer now invests in real estate in the Netherlands with Rob Koster and Jerry Saffrie the founders of Covast Developments BV in Maarsen and Covast Vast goed. Allegedly, Koster was aware of the allegations against Sluimer but let him invest anyway.

Special thanks to the Pandora papers, offshore leaks, open corporates and other data providers.