Mini Goldendoodle: everything you need to know

Goldendoodle is the cutest breed of dog. Goldendoodle is a hybrid breed of golden retriever and a poodle as can be seen from its...
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Mini Goldendoodle: everything you need to know

Goldendoodle is the cutest breed of dog. Goldendoodle is a hybrid breed of golden retriever and a poodle as can be seen from its name. Pet parents love their Goldendoodles like a baby. They are small creatures but high in playfulness. It is the most intelligent breed of dog. Goldendoodles have the traits of both their parent dogs and hence have become the most favorable one.

If you are planning to have a mini Goldendoodle as your pet, then this article is a perfect place for you to learn everything about the Goldendoodle.

A Brief on Goldendoodles

Found in the mid-1990s, this breed of dogs is the result of miniature poodles and golden retrievers. They are designed to take the smartness of poodles and the gentle disposition of retrievers. Goldendoodles are smart, active, and mild-tempered.

Three sizes of Goldendoodles are available- standard, miniature, and toy. They are mainly famous in high societies and hence are known as affectionate and easy-to-train dogs.

Physical traits of Goldendoodles

Born from long-haired golden retrievers and curly poodles, these pups are fluffy balls, boasting an adorable Teddy Bear appearance. Their colors span from Golden to red to dark brown, all irresistible to potential pet owners. Mini goldendoodle’s size varies from standard to miniature and toy. typically featuring expressive eyes, a rounded head, a poodle-like prance, floppy ears, and a feathery tail reminiscent of golden retrievers.

Due to their hybrid nature, they can weigh between 15 to 35 pounds and stand 13 to 30 inches tall. The parents’ height and weight generally influence this trait of a Goldendoodle.

About the nature of mini Goldendoodles (MG)

Recognized for their gentle and mild temperaments, mini Goldendoodles are eager to please, loyal, sociable, and highly playful. Their intelligence is inherited from both the parent breeds- golden retrievers and poodles. They are easy to train dogs. However, their energy levels necessitate regular exercises and mental stimulation.

Mini goldendoodles are fond of affection, and enjoy cuddles and family time. Their playful expression of love includes jumping, licking, and snuggling up to their pet parents. Like other dogs, they also show affection through facial expressions, body language, and wagging their tail. However, their excitement levels might limit their time spent on your lap.

Compatibility of Goldendoodles with kids and other animals

Goldendoodles are playful kids and kids can easily be around them. Even this breed is easily friendly with other animals like cats or other dogs but it is generally preferred to give socialization and obedience training to your mini goldendoodle from childhood. They are intelligent and good around all family members. Even the new pet parents could train this keen breed of dogs.

Diet of a mini goldendoodle

Mini Goldendoodles, like all canines, thrive on a nutrient-rich diet balancing proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. Opt for food containing multiple meat proteins, at least 10% fats, and fewer than 30% carbohydrates, such as high-quality kibble, dehydrated, or fresh options.

Given their medium to high energy, provide sustenance that fuels them. Offer approximately 2 cups daily, adjusting as needed based on your dog’s size and activity. You can also consult your vet for tailored advice.

Health issues 

Mini Goldendoodles are prone to many health issues. Most of them are genetic. That’s why it is generally recommended to take your pet for a regular checkup at the vet so that if any symptoms are found, it can be treated with medications. Here is the list of some common illnesses in mini Goldendoodles:

  • Hip dysplasia: misalignment between the femur and hip socket causes discomfort or lameness. Regular vet checkups and providing joint supplements such as glucosamine and omega-3 oils can help avoid future pain for your dog.
  • Patellaluxation: irregular joint formation leads to walking discomfort. To prevent this, maintain your dog’s ideal weight and provide high-quality nutrition.
  • Progressive retinal atrophy: Goldendoodles often face PRA, causing gradual retinal deterioration, leading to night and daytime vision loss. Regular vet visits serve the best purpose due to their hereditary nature.
  • Other diseases: cataracts, hyperthyroidism, ear infections, and Addison’s disease.

Although the mini Goldendoodles live for about 10 to 15 years in general, hygienic factors, care, proper diet, and environment can reduce their life.

Mini Goldendoodle: when is it good to have one?

Mini Goldendoodles are energetic dogs and their playful nature goes perfectly if you have kids at home. 

Consider buying a Goldendoodle if:


  • You are comfortable with medium to high-energy dogs.
  • Able to give enough time for their exercise (at least 20-30 minutes)
  • You need a family dog more than a watchdog.
  • You are ok with a hypoallergenic dog.
  • You can afford an expensive dog.
  • You are not a frequent traveler and carry your pet everywhere with you.


A mini goldendoodle is an energetic and intelligent breed of dog. You should teach them good habits from their toy stage as they are good learners too.