Raspberry Strawberry – Mr Fog Max Pro 2000 Puffs

Indulge in the fruity fusion of Raspberry Strawberry with Mr Fog Max Pro 2000 Puffs. Enjoy up to 2000 draws of satisfaction in every...
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MR Fog Switch SW15000 – Latest Flavors Available

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Introducing the MR Fog Switch SW15000, a revolutionary disposable vape that combines innovation with longevity. With an impressive 15,000 puffs, this sleek and portable device offers an extended journey into a world of rich flavors and satisfying clouds. Meticulously crafted for convenience, the SW15000 ensures that every draw is as effortless as it is flavorful.

Features Of Mr Fog Switch SW15000:

Smart Screen displays the battery and e-liquid consumption ,wattage in real-time
Stylish design with a unique crackle texture finish
Dual Mode Adjustable Wattage : 10w (Eco) or 20w (Boost)
Dual Mesh Coil, Providing more exceptional vapor clouds and flavor taste
Child-lock Available, Prevent the children from your vape device
Unique adjustable middle airflow structure