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National Beekeeping Frames

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These are flat-packed Brood/Deep British National frames with gimp pins. They are self spacing and mostly used in British National, WBC and similarly sized beehives.The frames are A grade quality and can be used mixed with DN1 frames if plastic spacers are also used.These are the national brood frames with DN4 top bar.

National Beekeeping Frames

About Company

Apis Bee Supplies was started in 2018 on the shores of Lough Derg in County Clare in the courtyard of a 200year old Georgian House. The first year was very positive and the continued support from customers and beekeeping associations all over Ireland have helped us grow to one of the leading suppliers of beekeeping equipment in the country. We are still running our business from that very same courtyard however, now there are 4 of us in the team which makes it a lovely atmosphere to all work together.

The beehives are handmade in that courtyard by Chris Jeuken. Chris, having grown up on a farm in the west of Ireland, was always exposed to the practical aspects of farm life. As a young school entrepreneur, he started designing and making built-to-order, garden sheds, and other timber products selling them through his local network and beyond.

His continuing interests in and experience with woodworking have led him to focus on designing and making beehives in recent years. He personally started beekeeping after having spent a month working on a beekeeping farm in Wexford in 2013.

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