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New Massey Ferguson MF 9500 Tractor Features 2023 – Tractorgyan

The Massey Ferguson MF 9500 E tractor derives its strength from a 50-horsepower engine, with an additional 49.3 horsepower for the power take-off (PTO), delivering commendable and efficient performance. It employs an oil-immersed brake system in conjunction with 8 forward + 2 reverse gears, ensuring seamless and effective operations. Bolstered by a capacious 60-liter fuel tank, this tractor guarantees sustained and dependable field performance. Massey Ferguson 9500 E tractor offers substantial power to tackle a variety of tasks. Its 4-wheel drive configuration effortlessly navigates through all chores, further amplified by the presence of eight forward and two reverse gearboxes, which expand its versatility. Displaying impressive forward speeds and the added safety of oil-immersed brakes, the Massey Ferguson 9500 E upholds an exemplary standard of performance and security. Facilitating easy handling is its smooth power steering mechanism. The tractor’s high fuel tank capacity, amounting to 60 liters, equips it for extended work periods on the farm, diminishing the need for frequent refueling. Additionally, its lifting prowess of 2050 kg augments its utility and practicality, solidifying its stature as an indispensable asset in agricultural operations.