Patient Engagement Solutions market 2023 – Industry Growth by 2035

Upon realizing the potential of patient engagement solutions over traditional healthcare journey, players are actively undertaking initiatives to adopt advanced technologies to drive operational...
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Patient Engagement Solutions market 2023 – Industry Growth by 2035

Upon realizing the potential of patient engagement solutions over traditional healthcare journey, players are actively undertaking initiatives to adopt advanced technologies to drive operational excellence, visibility and meet the pace of dynamic healthcare domain


Roots Analysis is pleased to announce the publication of its recent study, titled, “Patient Engagement Solutions Market, 2023-2035.”


The market report presents an in-depth analysis, highlighting the capabilities of various companies engaged in this industry, across different geographies. Amongst other elements, the report features:

  • An executive summary of the key insights captured during our research, offering a high-level view on the current state of the patient engagement solutions market and its likely evolution in the short to mid and long term.
  • A brief introduction to important concepts related to patient engagement solutions, featuring information on various types of patient engagement solutions and their applications. It also highlights the challenges associated with patient engagement solutions. Further, the chapter concludes with recent trends and future prospects within the patient engagement domain.
  • An overview of the current market landscape of patient engagement solution providers based on relevant parameters, such as year of establishment, company size (in terms of number of employees) and location of headquarters, type of platform(s) (IoT , mobile apps and software), deployment options (cloud-based, on-premise and web-based), type of component(s) offered (chatbots / messaging options, patient portals, real-time data sharing, and remote patient monitoring tools), type of solution(s) offered (appointment management, data management and interoperability, electronic health record integration, email marketing, medication adherence, medical billing, patient activation, patient education, patient registration, prescription refills and remote patient monitoring), application area(s) (financial health management, fitness and wellbeing, health management / home health management, research and development and, social health), end-user(s) (healthcare providers, individuals, payers and others) and customization feature.
  • An insightful analysis, highlighting the contemporary market trends in the patient engagement solutions domain through different representations, based on relevant parameters, such as company size and location of headquarters; location of headquarters and customization feature; company size, location of headquarters and type of solution(s) offered; type of platform(s) and deployment option(s); type of solution(s) offered and type of platform(s); application area(s) and end-user(s); type of solution(s) offered and end-user(s).
  • A detailed competitiveness analysis of patient engagement solution providers, based on company strength (in terms of number of years of experience) and company competitiveness, taking into consideration product portfolio (type of platform offered, deployment option, type of component offered, type of solution offered, application area, end-user and customization feature) and funding strength (funding instances, amount invested and type of funding).
  • Elaborate profiles of prominent players (shortlisted based on our proprietary company competitiveness analysis) offering patient engagement solutions. Each company profile features a brief overview of the company (including information on its year of establishment, number of employees, location of headquarters and key members of the executive team), details related to product portfolio, recent developments and an informed future outlook.
  • An analysis of funding and investments received by companies engaged in this domain, during the period 2018-2023, including instances of seed financing, venture capital financing, debt financing, grants, initial public offering (IPOs) and subsequent offerings. The instances were analyzed based on several parameters, such as year of funding, amount invested, type of funding, geography, and leading players and investors (in terms of number of funding instances and amount invested).
  • A comprehensive fine-grained sentiment analysis of patients’ experience with patient engagement solutions, highlighting valuable insights on the key pain points, features, and suggestions for improvement. Through this analysis, we have provided insights on the challenges faced by patients while using patient engagement solutions, features they find most beneficial, and recommendations they have for enhancing their own engagement in healthcare.
  • A detailed market forecast, featuring analysis of the current and projected future opportunity across key market segments (listed below).


  • Deployment Option
  • Cloud-based Solutions
  • On-Premises Solutions
  • Web-based Solutions


  • Type of Solution Offered
  • Appointment Management Solutions
  • Electronic Health Record Integration Solutions
  • Patient Education Solutions
  • Remote Patient Monitoring Solutions
  • Other Solutions


  • Application Area
  • Financial Health Management
  • Fitness and Wellbeing
  • Home Health Management
  • Research and Development
  • Social Health Management


  • End-user 
  • Healthcare Providers
  • Individuals
  • Payers
  • Other End-Users


  • Key Geographical Regions 
  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia
  • Middle East and North Africa
  • Rest of the World


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