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Penis Envy – The Mysterious Origin

Have you any interest in experiencing the psychedelic trips from psilocybin (magic) mushrooms or shrooms? If you have any, you will surely love one of the most potent magic mushroom strains. We are talking about Penis Envy, which is high in demand among researchers and mycologists around the globe.

Moreover, the scarcity and potency of the aforementioned psilocybin mushrooms are not the reason they are sought-after. The mysterious origin of the same magic mushroom species is also one reason they are coveted psilocybin mushrooms.

In this post, we are going to talk about the mysterious origin of the magic mushroom species, “Penis Envies.” 

Penis Envies – Discussing Their Mysterious Origin

It is time for us to start discussing the mysterious origin of Penis Envies:

The Original Story

The history of Penis Envies is the most discussed yet least confirmed origin story in the domain of psychedelics. The original tale was published in “Vice” in 2009. Moreover, a journalist Hamilton Morris published that story.

Moreover, the original tale starts with two American adventurers, namely Terence and Dennis McKenna. Both of them traveled to the Colombian Amazon in the 1970s to see a mysterious rainforest shaman. 

Rather than meeting the shaman, they discover a patch of towering phallic mushrooms. Seeing these mushrooms impressed and amused the American adventurers. There, Terence collected the spores of those mushrooms (Penis Envies) and took them to the United States. Then, he sent those spores to a scientist Steven Pollock who was interested in psychedelics.

Steven Pollock spent years separating the mushrooms and finally produced the magic mushrooms Penis Envies sometime in the late 1970s. Then, he sent the spore print to some unknown address. Soon after, he was found dead with a shot in the forehead. 

Moreover, the murder mystery of Steven Pollock was never conclusively solved. It also started the gossip about his prized yet closely-kept fungi. Following the scientist’s death, a mycologist Richard Gee received the spore print via mail. Richard Gee spent decades perfecting the magic mushroom species. For the time being, the public also halted discussing the mushroom species assuming it died with Pollock’s death.             

The next sighting of Penis Envies was in 1995 when Richard Gee published a tome “Cubensis Aquarium Gardening.” The tome did not contain a word about Penis Envies though mushrooms species were on its front cover

Moreover, it was the book (tome), Richard Gee published that first recorded photograph of Penis Envies. It also sparked conversations about the prized mushroom species. However, the consensus was Steve Pollock discovered it and Gee only cultivated it after Pollock’s’ death. People also agreed with this explanation but the story continued till 2021.

The Contemporary Controversy

The Penis Envy story got revised in 2021 with the interviewing of Richard Gee on Hamilton Morris’s podcast. In that interview, Richard Gee discussed his background in cloning and genetics besides talking about the shroom legend. The reclusive mycologist declared half of the previous version related to the Penis Envies patently false.

Moreover, Richard Gee did not even include Steven Pollock in the original tale of magic mushrooms. He said he received spores of the prized mushroom strain from his friend Jules Stevens, the co-author of the tome. In addition, he revealed his friend received the spores from an acquaintance who got them from Dennis McKenna.

Richard Gee in the interview revealed he purified the spores to finally produce the potent magic mushrooms “Penis Envies.” However, he revealed he had met Steven Pollock but never discussed psychedelics. Richard Gee also said he did not try to become famous because of the prized magic mushrooms, which we believe. 

Penis Envy – the Name

When it comes to the name of Penis Envies, it fits them well. This is because these mushrooms have a thick stem with a small round cap. Besides, Richard Gee claims he first named the prized mushroom strain, “Amazons.” Later, he changed the strain name to Penis Envies after meeting with several strippers in 1977. 

Why Are Pennies Envies So Popular Today?

Penis Envies are popular today not because of their tale and title. In fact, they have a potency that exceeds 50 to 100 percent than of average Psilocybe cubensis shroom varieties. In addition, the current versions of these mushrooms clearly indicate their selective cultivation. So, there are various reasons behind the popularity of magic mushrooms Penis Envies.


Penis Envies are one of the most potent magic mushroom strains. In addition, they have a mysterious origin, which the original tale confirms, too. The original tale suggests Steven Pollock, a scientist interested in psychedelics first discovered Penis Envy. Nonetheless, he was found dead later with a shot in his forehead. Then, it was Richard Gee who cultivated it but revealed he did not want to get famous for it. Moreover, he gave shrooms the name Penis Envies after meeting with several strippers in 1977. Lastly, Penis Envies are popular for various reasons besides their name, such as their potency, origin, etc.     

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