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Nice And New Asphalt Paving

At Dan the Paver, we’re out there every day helping our clients with resurfacing for their properties.

Most homes and businesses have quite a bit of what the engineers call ‘impervious surface.’ Over time it can start to get a little rough and worn. Sometimes it starts crumbling away, and that can even create safety issues.

Driveway PavingMonmouth County

A neat new asphalt paving process will leave your space looking beautiful and new!

Here are some tips for the best result:

Don’t Park on it Afterward

 It might be tempting to zip back into your driveway right after paving has occurred, but you might end up scoring the new surface with tracks that you have to look at for years. So do yourself a favor and park elsewhere for a couple of days as the whole thing cures. It’s a small nuisance in return for years of perfection.

Look for Extra Surfaces to Pave

 You might get a great result for your main driveway, but if there is a sideways gully or shoulder or other area that is similarly unkempt, you’ll want pavers to cover that, too. Otherwise you get this strange mishmash of new and old paving that can look quite bad and leave you wondering why you spent all that money!

Pin Down Tape

 People put up nice yellow tape to discourage people from parking in their newly paved space – but then that tape gets caught by the wind and blows away, and you get unauthorized people parking there anyway. It’s enough to make your hair stand on end!

Make sure you anchor your tape well, so that your barriers stay there to remind people that they’re not allowed to come and mess up your new asphalt paving with their nasty tires.

Watch Your Pets

 Fido and Snowball don’t know that you just paved your driveway. They might be looking to chase a squirrel or fetch a ball or something and wander onto your newly paved surface by mistake. This isn’t good for your animals and it isn’t good for your driveway. So keep an extra watchful eye on your dogs and cats for a while.

We work in Monmouth County, in North Ocean County and in and around Toms River, putting in some of the best new asphalt around. Ask us about rates, scheduling and more, and browse the site to see what kind of result you could be getting for your property.

About Company

Dan the Paver is a family owned and operated Paving company with over 20 years of experience in the paving industry. The services areas for Asphalt Paving are Monmouth County & Northern Ocean County (above Toms River) We specialize in driveway paving, asphalt paving, parking lot paving, commercial paving & much more. Over the years Dan the paver has built a reputation for technical expertise, quality project management, reliability and personal service. Each and every project, no matter how small, is approached with professionalism and a sincere desire to provide the best craftsmanship and results possible.

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