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Polymer Concrete Market Projection, Technological Innovation And Emerging Trends

What Makes Polymer Concrete So Popular in Recent Times? 

Construction sector is on the boom left, right and center, and polymer concrete is mainly used as a construction material all over the world. 

Polymer concrete gained popularity among folks in 1970s, but it was introduced one or two decades before that.  It has also developed over the years; the polymerized monomer is now replacing Portland cement as a concrete binder.  

Polymer concrete is much better than traditional concrete making the use of Portland cement, the advantageous properties of polymer concrete include high impact and compressive strength, low permeability, fast curing, and chemical and corrosion resistance. Due to these properties, it is put to use in specialized applications. 

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Defining Polymer Concrete? 

It is a material made from the polymerization of an aggregate mixture. It is a compound using synthetic organic polymer as binder and is formulated when you mix polymeric resin with aggregate mixture. Polymer concrete is produced by decreasing vacuums in aggregates, lowering the quantity of polymer needed for binding the aggregates.  

The polymeric resins used for producing this concrete are epoxy resin, methacrylate, polyester resin, furan resins and vinylester resin. Attributable to their affordability, decent mechanical properties, and easy accessibility, unsaturated polyester resins are the first choice of the people. Which resin to use depends on the use and whether and chemical resistance, and cost. 

How it is Put to Use? 

It is used in marine works, power plants, industrial tanks, drainage systems, and water storage systems. In the recent past, development in transportation and infra-activities have been a key contributor to the surge in requirement for polymer concrete. 
As a result of the characteristics and a global increase in the requirement for a harder, stronger, and more durable building material, polymer concrete is getting popular. The advantages of making use of polymer concrete because of its benefits for the environment are too much to be overlooked.  

Where is it Used the Most? 

There is a lot of population growth all over the world, and it is the APAC region which is the home to two of the most populated countries of the world. To provide housing for the increasing population, construction activities are ion the rise, and so there is a major use of polymer concrete in this region. 

There is a use of polymer concrete in other regions of the world as well, such as North America and Europe, but no region beats the dominance of the Asia Pacific region in this regard. 

Summing Up the Scene 

Industries will only grow with time, and with polymer concrete finding its applications in a number of industries, the requirement for the same will grow even further.  

 It is not just about the growth of the industries, but the requirement of replacing existing concrete, an increase in consciousness about the use of polymers in concrete, along with the expansion of newer and more affordable products will give an additional boost to the demand for polymer concrete. 

SOURCE: P&S Intelligence