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Presenting Newsbyday, the pioneering AI-powered news platform

Option 1:

The NewsByDay.com is a newly created first-ever AI-based News & Blog Website that uses Generative AI Technology for getting News summaries. It is a bootstrapped venture by a Nigeria-based individual entrepreneur. The website conquers real-time synced news, blog, and forum feeds from the world’s top news media platforms and serves it at a single end. The website has an extreme level of user-friendliness to get the specific items on the plate from selected countries, topics, and new papers.

Option 2:

NewsByDay.com stands as a pioneering force in the realm of digital information, representing a groundbreaking foray into AI-based news and blogs. Spearheaded by a resourceful individual entrepreneur based in Nigeria, this bootstrapped venture is the first of its kind, utilizing cutting-edge Generative AI Technology to distill news summaries. The platform seamlessly aggregates real-time synchronized content from leading global news media platforms, encompassing news, blogs, and forum feeds, delivering a comprehensive experience at a single destination. What sets NewsByDay.com apart is its remarkable user-friendliness, allowing users to effortlessly tailor their content consumption by selecting specific countries, topics, and newspapers, thereby reshaping the landscape of digital journalism.

Option 3:

NewsByDay.com, the inaugural AI-driven News & Blog Website, is the brainchild of a Nigerian entrepreneur. Utilizing cutting-edge Generative AI Technology, the platform aggregates real-time news, blog, and forum feeds from global media giants, offering a uniquely user-friendly experience. This bootstrapped venture marks a significant leap in reshaping digital journalism.