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Sakura store for gifts and luxury flower bouquets

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Sakura Gift Shop is your first choice when it comes to flowers and beautiful gifts. This online store is one of the best stores in Riyadh that offers a wide variety of flowers and gifts for all occasions in Riyadh.


Sakura is famous for its beautiful and stunning bouquets. It offers a variety of rose bouquets to suit all tastes and occasions. Whether you are looking for an elegant bouquet for a special occasion like a birthday or wedding, or want to show your appreciation to someone, Sakura has the perfect option for you. Sakura’s rose bouquets are designed with great care and feature high quality and bright colors that add unique beauty to any occasion.

Sakura Gift Shop provides the best flower delivery service to هدايا الرياض Riyadh in an elegant manner, as we care about the privacy and confidentiality of the sending customer. 


Riyadh Gift Shop offers a variety of gifts, whether you are looking for birthday cake bouquets or luxury rose and chocolate bouquets, or even a group of luxurious men’s gifts with distinctive rose packaging. We also provide on the Sakura website elegant gifts such as women’s gifts, beautiful women’s chains with distinctive flower arrangements and also a collection From women’s bracelets, you will find everything you need in Sakura to roses. Sakura Gifts works hard to provide distinctive, high-quality gifts that add a special touch to any occasion.


In addition, the Floord Riyadh store provides immediate same-day delivery service. Delivery within Riyadh  

Thanks to this reliable service, you can send flowers and gifts in the cities of (Riyadh, Mecca, and Jeddah) to your loved ones easily and conveniently.


You can also talk to customer service via WhatsApp immediately and choose or modify the design of your gift as you wish, as Sakura Gift Shop provides fast and smooth customer service via WhatsApp.


Riyadh Gift Shop provides various payment methods, such as payment by bank card, bank transfer, or Apple Pay. It also provides payment in installments via the Tabby and Tamara service.